How infographics can benefit your business?

Images are always attracting and catching for eyes in a website. They can add extra beauty to your site. But one thing also there, they are less informative. Words will explain the details but image cannot be that much expressive. There are different types of infographic design and ideas which can attract the users like Statistical infographics, Informational infographics, Timeline infographics, and Process infographics. Let’s discuss how info graphics helps your business to grow.

What is info graphics?

It is a summary of huge data and information. They can show us the time line and flow chart details of information easily. Infographics can provide visual details of products, services, and ideas, reports. We will get 90% of details and idea by looking info graphics. They are most viral in marketing. they have visual aspect with good content.

Why info graphics are effective?

Informations with pictures can be remembered up to 65% while comparing with a lot of post and pictures. We people will forget the half information after some days. But we are visual learners more so an info graphic can help you. They can increase web traffic because they are most engaging type of visual content. Its take only less time to understand the concept of big story.

Benefits of using info graphics

  • It offers visual step by step guide
  • Simplify your ideas and concepts
  • Increase your knowledge
  • Increase your brand value
  • It gives you user satisfaction
  • Engage more users
  • Increase more visitors to your website
  • Easy to understand and readable
  • Superb for SEO
  • Easy to track and analyse

How info graphics help your business?

  1. Boost the social media engagement

  2. Info graphics can make more user engagement. Because they are easy to make post and share. People can easily understand the details, so everyone will focus on it. More people will share info graphic content more than the blog post.This will meet the needs of impatient users to get the knowledge they need. it will be very easy to share the data in social medias which brings you more users.

  3. Generate more visitors to the website

  4. Create the content that is attractive in info graphics. Use the correct keyword, so it is easy to rank high. Your creative mind and suitable words make the info graphic best and easily increase users visit to site. More over they are SEO friendly. People can easily get in touch with you for their doubts and enquiry. They think you have a well experience in corresponding fiels even you are new in business.

  5. Easy to track and analyse

  6. This can be the monitor to analyse whether your info graphics are effective or not. This will help you to build insights like what content you want making future creations better. Your strategy of content should be variety and it in top list.

  7. It can answer certain question easily

  8. Your doubts or questions can be easily clarified or getting answers through info graphics. Customers get ideas and answers about the topic and the questions like what, why, when, etc. The main idea and content can stuffed here ,so the hurry persons can get over all idea about the topic.

Best tools for info graphics

  1. Canva
  4. Infogram
  5. Easy info graphic creation

Many web development companies create useful info graphics by.

  • Determining their goal for info graphics
  • Collecting important data for the content
  • Choose the best info graphic tool
  • Layout the template designing
  • Add finishing touches
  • Post the infographic

Some of the best wordpress plugin used in wordpress development companies are

  • POWr Graph
  • Google Chart
  • Tablepress
  • Snowball
  • Infogram
  • DW chart

How can you add infogram in wordpress website?

Once you came up with best info graphics which you designed, you can add it in your website. First you install the wordpress infogram plugin. You are able to embed charts and info graphics from infogram directly in to the post. You get a short code embedded in wordpress.

  • In wordpress visual editor, click on add Infogram button in the dashboard
  • It will open the infogram library. Select the chart you want to insert
  • You can see a line of code which is a short code
  • This short code will work directly for the visual editor where people can write here.