An Overview of WordPress Version 5.7

WordPress 5.7 is out now. It’s coming on March 2021 with new features and a lot of improvements. Now it is available as wordpress beta. The main feature includes switching of the website from HTTP to HTTPS. With one click interaction HTTPS can be migrated. URL’s in database are replaced automatically replaced when wordpress and the site are using HTTPS.

What is HTTPS?

Hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS) HTTP with SSL/TLS protocol. This makes it possible for website users to transmit data like credit card numbers, login details, bank informations over internet. 89% of URL crawled use HTTPS. It is very difficult to run a site in HTTP. It has more trust comparing with HTTP.

Difference between HTTP and HTTPS

  • A website with HTTP has http:// in its URL, and website that uses HTTPS has URL https://.
  • HTTPS is the advance version of HTTP. It uses 443 for data communication.
  • HTTP and TSL/SSL protocol are combined in HTTPS
  • HTTP can’t produce security mechanism where HTTPS gives a digital certificate.
  • HTTP operates in application layer and HTTPS work in transport layer
  • HTTP transfers data as plain but HTTPS transfer data in encrypted text

What are the improvements in wordpress 5.7?

The main feature of wordpress 5.7 is full site editing by Gutenberg.

  • Updation of wordPress core which includes current releases of the Gutenberg plugin.
  • Gutenberg adds additional blocks. UI refine, adding tools for themes and design, and continuously working on widget screen
  • Its working continuously on JQuery and auto updates

You can test wordpress 5.7 beta by activating WordPress Beta Tester plugin or directly download beta version. The other improvements include

  • Lazy-loading iframes
  • It can Migrated from HTTP to HTTPS is streamlined
  • Standard colours can be used in WP-Admin CSS to a single palette
  • New Robots API are there

The editors can use the new features like

  • Inserter drag and drop option
  • Reusing blocks
  • Buttons blocks
  • Block variations
  • Social icons block
  • Font size in more place
  • Full height blocks
  • Improved buttons and social media icon size
  • Adjusting font size in blocks

The new password setting feature in 5.7 will allow admin to manually send the password reset link to users, solving a 5-year-old ticket. This will help users to save the time in users regain access to their accounts. The notification includes the user name, site name, and password link also the IP address where it is originated. A Web Development Company who create wordpress website will benefit these all features and updating of new 5.7 easiness.