Discover the Top React Frameworks for WordPress Development

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms and a complete content management system. According to today’s statistics, it comes to know that nearly 35% of websites are powered by wordpress with its advanced features. The tremendous growth of content management systems in wordpress has helped out to build websites fastly with react framework. WordPress perfectly fits a business that looking to develop or build basic static websites too. So, I surely suggest wordpress the best platform for growing business to the next level.

When entering into the website design and development field, there you won’t find any shortage of frameworks that need to be created. Picking up the most suitable platform is the next crucial option that must be taken into consideration and that always finds easy. In my point of view, react is one of the most attractive frameworks for front-end development and provides you many useful options that needed for wordpress projects. There are many web development companies who explore react framework in wordpress development. In this article, we explore the best react framework that you can work upon on your wordpress websites.

What do you know about REST API?

Application Programming Interface (API) is a group of programming standards for accessing the different web–based applications and tools. What is the use of this API? Let’s define API with a simple example. When you trying to find videos related to some character on youtube. There you find out many related videos about that special character and there is calculated as single hits. The working flow of REST API is the same as follows. When it comes to the developing field, the developer tries to create API on the server-side and allows clients to talk within it. API act as an intermediator between the users and clients across the web services. The introduction of REST API has many criteria like cacheable data, code on demand is far easier to use than that of other prescribed protocols like SOAP(Simple Object Access Protocol). Hence, REST is a set of guidelines that can be used whenever needed. With the improved use of REST API has added many advantages for mobile app development and internet services.

Let’s point out some guidelines to qualify API as RESTful:

  • Relation between client and server
  • Cacheable data
  • A comprehensive user interface
  • When REST API integrated with wordpress, API initially set up with a separate plugin.

    How REST API related to wordpress?

    Before the launching of REST API, wordpress usually generate HTML code with any PHP template file But now, it reduced the complete dependence of PHP template files. The existence of API made it simpler for wordpress to communicate with any other websites and web applications. With the help of the API, perform various activities like content services, posts, pages, and custom post types. WordPress REST API has the ability to transfer data and interact easily with any other external applications. Approach a well-professional wordpress development company covering developers to deliver a fully-fledged wordpress website.

    Best React framework for wordpress website development

    • Frontity
    • It is an open-source framework combined with react framework. Since, it is known as an open-source framework, completely designed for and I strongly recommend frontity for those who are beginners with react framework.

    • Gatsby
    • When a website is going to develop, everyone makes consideration for page loading speed. Right? Then Gatsby is a perfect framework that mainly focuses on website speed. It develops first your projects into a static HTML folder to examine how files all are performing.

    • Next.js
    • Next.js is another commonly used react framework for wordpress development. It protects all your SEO tasks while considering the website performance. It is simply designed for beginners-friendly without any use of complicated programming language. Next.js framework while comparing to other frameworks, best for examining complete project performance.