How to create a website like Fiverr?

Fiverr is an Isaraeli online freelance service where customer can buy and sell digital service easily. They offer freelancers to service the digital need all over the world. The company have freelancers where they are low cost providers. The main idea of company is to getting hired or hiring freelancers. They got their name from starting price of $5.

Story of Fiverr website

Fiverr website was introduced by two Israeli business persons named Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger. Both had a discussion of making their services enjoyed from two sided digital marketplace. The marketplace can handle all digital services in platform. They calculated both buyer and seller can be equally satisfied in the platform and getting popular. They started their fiverr in 2010 with few services and now it is one of the fastest growing companies where many services are done.

How Fiverr website works?

The company buy advance for all works from web design, logo design copy writing and SEO service, etc. as freelancers. At starting the price was fixed for $5, now freelancers can decide their rate for the services. The work is done within one or two days and the delivery time can be set by freelancers if they have long queue. The freelance sellers earn 80% of the service provided.

Terms used by Fiverrs

Gig: Services offering from Fiverr’s website.

Seller: Those who sell the offer Gig( Freelancers).

Buyer: The client or buyers who buys the Gig. When the Gig is purchased, it is called an order.

Post a request: The buyer can post their request which is the service needed.

Advantages of Fiverr website

  • The services are affordable.
  • Lot of freelancers
  • Variety of project works
  • Easy to use the interface
  • Best client support
  • Quality of services

What are the steps to build a website like feverr in wordpress?

To start a website like Feverr there are some usual steps or criteria you should follow like

  • Choosing Domain name
  • Getting better hosting
  • Install the marketplace theme.
  • Testing the site
  • Do your basic SEO
  • Launch the site
  • Work for ranking your site in Google

To work in wordpress you should install the free CMS platform. You should know the basic of wordpress. After that select your theme in wordpress and set up the things you need and to do in admin dashboard. A wordpress development company can be done your website like Fiverr easily with Mayosis theme and Understanding the Elementor.

You can use Fiverr website for Buisness Busy works.

If you have a busy schedule and no time to do your project or product works digitally, the service can be done by joining with fiverr. It now also offers $5 Gigs. This will reduce the payment amount which you decided to give others and you will get quality products. You can also act as a seller in this field where you can earn extra money. You can find good sellers and Gig’s by checking their reviews and status, also client ratings.The web developmentprogramming like Bug fixing, Custom website, email template, landing page, browser extension can be done by Fiverr service sellers.

To spotify the low quality Gigs can be done by Gigs with low ratings and less seller tier rating. New sellers are there who provides less quality services and new gig launching. They are directly needed to check with the profile. The rating given by clients for the Gigs will show the seller tier ranking, so you can plan according to that.

How can you make money with website like Fiverr?

With Fiverr website you can earn money a lot endless. Freelancers are paying lot of Dollars in the Fiverr website. With this website you can shine on your skill and can earn money too. Lot of Gigs is there to make to money making more sales and services. Even a website development jobs can be cost pays $100–$2,000 per gig. So if you like to start a website like Fiverr it will be a great business for you.