Best web development discord servers

Best discord servers for web developers

Web development discord servers

Web development discord community or web development Discord servers typically referred as same are online communities on the Discord platform where people interested in web development gather to discuss various topics related to web development, programming, design, and related technologies. These servers often serve as a place for developers of all skill levels to ask questions, share knowledge, collaborate on projects, and stay up-to-date with the latest web development trends in industry.

These servers typically have channels or categories dedicated to specific topics such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, web development frameworks, databases, server-side technologies, and more. They may also have channels for code reviews, job postings, and general discussions.

Users can join these website design discord server by clicking on an invitation link provided by the server administrators or by using the Discord search feature to find servers related to web development. List of web development Discord server can be find using Discord search, exploring server listing websites, and checking out developer communities on social media and coding forums.

These are the best discord servers for web development:

  • Coding Den
  • The Coding Den is a large Discord community with over 117,000 members, aimed at assisting young programmers in learning primary programming languages effectively. The server is staffed by software and web development experts dedicated to helping newcomers progress in coding. It offers community discussions and guidance in languages like Java, Python, Regex, and Databases. The focus is on supporting and nurturing newbies in web development until they become proficient in the field.

  • Devcord
  • Devcord is a prominent Discord community open to front-end web developers, boasting over 39,000 members. It serves as a valuable resource for front-end development and coding-related queries, with a dedicated group of front-end specialists supporting newcomers on the platform. The community strongly encourages aspiring freelance front-end developers, with experts taking on roles to mentor and assist other members. Additionally, Devcord offers a unique feature where clients can post job opportunities, making it a combination of a remote job board and a vibrant community for web developers.

  • Nodeiflux
  • Nodeiflux focuses on answering queries related to Node.js development and server-side JavaScript usage. The community provides valuable assistance with code reviews and general tech information. Moreover, Nodeiflux offers opportunities to find side gigs, which can help launch one's career in tech. With over 8,000 members, it is part of a combined community of 200,000 members when combined with Reactiflux. The server serves as a hub for staying updated with the latest tech industry trends and networking with like-minded individuals.

  • CodeSupport
  • CodeSupport is a thriving Discord community with over 23,000 members that provides guidance and support to both programmers and web developers. Members are assigned color tags to indicate their roles on the platform, with blue tags for moderators who oversee all activities. The server also features verified experts with green tags, who offer reliable answers and suggestions on web development queries. CodeSupport is particularly renowned for its assistance with Python development and offers valuable code review services, beneficial for newcomers. While direct messages to other members are prohibited, the community encourages engaging in general conversations within the server.

  • Python
  • Python is the official Discord server maintained by the original owners of the Python programming language and boasts a massive community of over 300,000 members. As a hub for all things Python, it covers various aspects of this major programming language. With Python's widespread popularity, the server is a valuable platform for connecting with experts in different time zones. The community's primary focus is to provide guidance and support to members of all levels, including newbies and intermediates, who seek to enhance their Python skills and knowledge.

  • The Programmer's Hangout
  • In Programmer's Hangout server experts will aid you in various programming languages of your choice. They offers tutorials for beginners to become professionals in their field. Aside from web development, training is done on mobile app development, game development, and process theory, which would benefit web developers who are interested in these fields.

To find website development Discord server, you can follow these steps:

  • Use Discord search:
  • Go to the Discord application or website, log in to your account, and use the search feature to look for keywords related to web development. Try terms like "web development," "front-end development," "back-end development," "JavaScript," "HTML/CSS," etc.

  • Developer communities:
  • Some web development-related websites and forums might have information about Discord servers or invite links to their respective Discord communities. Check out platforms like GitHub, Stack Overflow, Reddit, and other coding forums.

  • Social media:
  • Follow web development-related accounts on Twitter, Reddit, or other social media platforms. Often, they share links to Discord servers where developers gather to discuss various topics.

  • Discord server listing websites:
  • There are websites dedicated to listing and categorizing Discord servers. Some of them include,,

Always remember to read the server rules and guidelines before joining any community to ensure it aligns with your interests and values. Additionally, be respectful and follow the community guidelines while participating in discussions on these servers.


Does discord has a web app?

Yes, web version of discord is available which allows users to access Discord's features and functionalities directly from a web browser without the need to download or install any additional software. The Discord web app provides a similar experience to the desktop or mobile applications, allowing users to join servers, participate in text and voice chats, send direct messages, share files, and more. It's a convenient option for users who prefer to use Discord without downloading the application or for those who are unable to install software on their devices.

How do I join a Discord developer server?

To join a Discord developer server, first, ensure you have a Discord account. Obtain the invite link to the server from websites, forums, or social media where it's promoted. Click on the invite link, which will direct you to the Discord app or website, prompting you to log in if you haven't already. After logging in, click "Accept Invite" to join the server. Familiarize yourself with any provided server rules, and then participate in the community by exploring channels, engaging in discussions, and contributing to the developer-related topics. Remember to be respectful and follow the server's guidelines while interacting with other members.

How much does it cost to build a Discord server?

Creating a Discord server is entirely free. Discord offers its core features at no cost, allowing users to create and manage servers without any upfront charges. However, Discord also offers a premium subscription service called "Discord Nitro" with additional features and benefits. Nitro subscribers gain perks like higher-quality screen sharing, custom emojis across all servers, animated avatars, increased file upload size limits, and more. The cost of Discord Nitro varies based on the subscription plan, which typically includes a monthly or yearly payment option. It's important to note that while creating and using a Discord server is free, the server owner may incur other optional expenses.