KISS web development framework for website design and development

Keep It Simple, Stupid… am sure that you have heard this term. This was actually used for the design principle noted by U.S. Navy in the early 1960s. This word itself says that it made the system work simple and best rather than complicated. A better web developer and designer who is the master planner of the website should make everything simple instead complicated. But sometimes we do exact opposite, so here the KISS development works. For designing a website, app or product use easy steps where the human brain prefers a simple and easy way. KISS can be also offered in other names like

  • Keep it short and simple
  • Keep it simple and straightforward

What is KISS development framework?

KISS is a comprehensive and single fully integrated web development framework for both front end and back end like

  • Easy communication with back end
  • Cache clear check in browser·
  • Easy use of SQL
  • Generating PDF reports and exporting CSV file etc.

It is easy to learn, and simple to use. Kiss front end is plain HTML and back end is built in Java. It always keeps things simple. It is a complete running application. After downloading source code on Linux, Mac or Windows, it cannot run on more than four command lines. No need to shut down, deploy or reboot the server.

Why do we need KISS web development?

The KISS principle was originated from JET aircraft that have a team of average machine with average designers who have the handful of tools. The challenge was the JET aircraft should repair by an average mechanic with these tools. Hence, they realised the relationship between the ways things break and sophistication to fix them.

It is quite good that every designer should make their software simple so it easy to work on it. Make it simple user interface it can be helps to make all things better like

  • Responsive and easy to use
  • Ready to develope web, mobile and desktop apps
  • It is free and open source

How to apply KISS to your designs

  • Use maximum chart and diagrams. It will make visual presentation better with useful information’s added in diagrams
  • Make use of universal icons, so users will not get confused what you mean
  • If you are a team head you can work with apps which is easy to manage
  • Create Skelton framework which can be invested in user-friendly software
  • Use wireframes for planning the work.
  • Make your design classy and neutral

For Linux or Mac you can use the first KISS command to run the application like

$ git clone

$ cd Kiss

$ ./bld develop

On Windows it would be:

> git clone

> cd Kiss

> builder

> develop bld

KISS principle for project management

A web development company have a project management team where the work should check and deliver on time without any customer issues. If the client requirement is very large break the functionality into small deliverable things where work can be done easy. Proper planning with simple steps makes the team energetic and workaholic. They always find solutions easily to solve the project issues. Also easy and pre deliverance of work will give time for many other projects to work out. The large complex project can be simply delivered by KISS principle come in action. For a wordpress development company who handle wordpress project can use this method properly because it is a best CMS platform and here content is king KISS can resolve complex ideas, complex design and work.

KISS web development for coding and design

  • Don’t use complex logic try to make it simple by writing or creating log file, or you can use already built Nuget package.
    • Always avoid unwanted code.
      • Try to understand the problem first. Break down the task and solve it one by one
        • Use fancy feature of technology at the time of need only.


        We can understand that KISS principle can be applied in web development framework especially in design and development. It simply says that simple and easy design of a product or project make the work done easily. Don’t compromise on clients need and the functionalities. Try to overcome the issues with simple steps and planning. The Complexity of the work makes the man power dull and delays the entire work development.