Google's Smart Move: Enhancing the Web Stories WordPress Plugin

The more updates to web stories plugin makes easier to earn money and the latest design features helps publishers to make more colourful web stories. Google also announced new updates in web stories wordpress plugin to the version 1.3.0. The up gradation is which supports form based advertisement option like animation and extra layouts make your web stories more attracting.

What is Web Stories?

Web stories are an open web and free visual story telling format for the web. It helps to create visual narrations with animations. This gives readers a fast and great loading full screen effect. Web stories share the content which is short and can be easily consumable for readers. Benefits of Web Stories include:

  • Easy creation of creative content
  • Freedom of branding and flexibility
  • You can share your stories link in the web
  • Readers attention can be captured

Now day’s publishers have a method like stuffing their article through web stories for traffic acquisition. Readers are forceful to click and read the article from the main site. This was strictly out of the rule of Google and warned it will not rank. Google introduced a form based method for adding Ads to web stories, so there is no need of coding. WordPress plugin for web stories is easy integration with AdSense which make Google more money.

Why do you use wordpress for web stories?

We know that wordpress is best suit for blog posting and a better CMS platform. Here web stories are also designed well for posting stories in wordpress websites. The plugin helps the website to get more traffic by the web story method. From this big wordpress development companies are earning money and more leads too. The Google web story plugin helps to make it easy.

  • Download the beta free plugin which has better performance and will fix bugs
  • Install it manually by following
  • Get Stories Github page and download beta plugin
  • Go to wordpress dashboard and click on plugins
  • Upload the plugin
  • Take the zip file and click install now
  • After the successful installation activates the plugin
  • Google call the web stories as “Snackable content” because of its short size and easy reading. This will improve SEO and user experience of the website. Google will rank this in highly image search, web search and Google App. Google did this Web stories for publishers themselves can monetize, host, share and add links to their Stories. The web stories will showcase their content in social channels and home page.

Google Guidelines for the web stories

  • Completeness of the content
  • Only one affiliate link in a content
  • Length should be minimum 5 pages
  • Make short titles
  • Text should be 200 characters per page
  • Video length should be less than 15 secs per page

The main thing is Google analyses the story element for its search engine and shows readers as a slide show when text is embedded. Advertisers can add their post in just one click. Publishers can make money by adding more post.

SEO for websites

Some points should take care while you concentrate SEO in your web stories.

  • Make your stories for the top posts and topics. The top ranked post can also get more leads through web stories
  • Don’t embed web stories in post
  • Always content is king use it well
  • You can name your web stories. Optimise the page title which helps for SEO
  • Submit sitemap of web stories XML in to Google
  • Make link to web story landmark page
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of web stories

Google make more attracting things in web stories like making border styles more, more animation styles, new page layouts, bugs fixing and Pre-Publish checklist. Social Medias is busy working in their stories platform keeping users attention and more traffic. Here Web stories are born and growing very faster. Google took this as the cutting edge to make more users and money through web stories and making more business strength. Web development company or enterprise are creating web stories where AMP developers are making quality and optimised content making more competition.