IoT growth in the education industry

Education is a part of everyone’s life today. Without education, we are not fit for this modern internet world. Though we all know, internet usage and technologies are elaborating on their values day by day. They are enlarging in the education sector widely. Technologies are enhancing our day to day activities connected by the Internet and smartphone become the most controlling thing in our activities remotely. Classrooms changed to smart rooms and blackboards and books to tablets. Before going to know how IOT made a growth in education industry, there will be a question what is Iot and how it influence various industry? IOT is a group or network of interconnected devices which helps to exchange data between them. There are many advantages of using IoT in the education sector like:

IoT has changed not only the education system but also the school management methods. There are limitations for the teacher to teach a student with textbooks, but a robot or other IoT device can teach disabled students normally by their advanced features..

Factors that influence IoT in the educational sector:

Data collection

Teachers were very tired of getting daily data of students who are attending the class and who are weak in studies etc. To make this process, easy IoT will help them a lot. IoT devices can collect data, and at any time they can be retrieved.


School is the place where students must be safe and secure so that a web application security guard will be there for checking, but it isn’t effortless when many people enter the school compound. So there are biometric and face recognition systems to check the outsiders and entering into the compound easily. For students also ID card access can be done so we can track when they are entered and out from the compound.

In classroom

Different devices used for advanced learning management systems for students. The devices like whiteboards, cameras, light pens, smartphone etc. It will increase the interaction between students and tutors also to global communication. More visualization will get for monitoring students.

There are many scopes on the Internet of things that will entirely change our education system for better and getting a bright future for the upcoming generation. Children get interacted and become used to the internet of things and their technologies from small age itself.

Technologies behind IoT are:

  • Bluetooth
  • NFC
  • Wireless communication

These devices are easy to use and they are accessed and controlled remotely by connecting with other devices. By these IoT devices and technologies education sector can widely make children professionally best and giving more ideas technically to grow in this modern world