Network security trends and strategies

Network security is to access files and directories in a computer network safely. It helps against hacking, misusing the system change. It consists of policies and practices for preventing unauthorised access. There are different network security types like DDos, IPS, NAC, VPNs etc. There are a lot of benefits from this network in the computer world. Today there are a lot of trends in network security. It will help your business in many ways for secure growth and functions. To shape your organisation strategy, you should care about technologies and cybersecurity.

We should follow the safe methods to make our organisation and the digital world safe.


Focus more on this because hackers will concentrate more on the finance department to get data’s of the people. We should be more alert to this. For making safe organisation need back up to date. There are some ransomware which checks the attack made by your backup provider and provides defence for product attacked by ransomware.

Shadow IT

It is a native way to do business without attacks. There are much big organisation which need helps from the third party for external cloud-based software system and managing external software system etc. There should be a chance of getting attacked by this by unauthorised people. To solve, there should be a support team for IT, and users should aware of the risk and attacks.

  • Network protection methods
  • install firewall
  • make sure proper access controls
  • The need for network segmentation
  • Use VPN

Rise of AI

AI is looking forward to more cybersecurity options. Organizations will monitor and take actions to security issues by using advanced tools in AI. They are making next-generation firewalls in-built machine learning technology which helps to find a pattern in network packets. AI is getting powered to understand the origination of cyber-attacks. It can do by practising scanning data across the internet. Even though we can expect some attacks in this also.

Role of 5G

Latest trending technology is the raise of 5G. It promises high net speed and it is more connected with IoT devices. As 5G is coming there will be issued in security also like authentication and data security. It would help if you protected your devices safely to escape from it.

Phishing on Email

Email attack is very high and hackers are quickly getting company secrets and business transactions through this. Your Email should get secured by a strong password and changing it regularly for your safe game.

Vulnerability in Mobile devices

Hackers more attack today mobile. The business works, we are using mobile daily. The data breach is possible in our mobile when business details stores in the device. To avoid the risk, it would be better to access through a secured web application.