Best artificial intelligence plugins in wordpress

Artificial intelligence (AI) means the simulation of human knowledge in machines which are programmed to think and act like humans. This machine could do like humans, and their leading quality is problem-solving. We all know that wordpress is an open CMS, and there are a lot of benefits with it. In wordpress, there are AI plugins which helps the organisation or user to do the work easy.

Benefits of AI on your website is

  1. It should make your speed faster
  2. User interaction and user experience should be good
  3. Marketing should be more effective
  4. User store experience will also be good

There is a lot of AI plugin in the wordpress development stage, and some are already on use. Here we are listing some used AI plugins and even the experimental plugins.

  1. WordLift

  2. WordLift plugin work as the best SEO specialist and an editor to review your content before publishing. These plugins analyse the basic questions like who, when what is your content if anything is missing means plugin will suggest adding the invisible things. So this will help your readers more easy to understand your content. It will also help in your visual beauty of content very well. It will give you all the recommendations for your image and words.When both AI and SEO strategies applied, it benefit business in one or another way. One of the other good things is geomap which helps to identify city names and address, and also users can locate your place through this.

  3. Quttera Web Malware Scanner

  4. The plugin used to secure your website from virus, malware etc. The plugin uses AI and cloud computing to meet the task. Your website attacks can be recognised, and it will obtain from it’s you should not get worried about your wordpress site safety. It will scan and update the problems. The plugin is free, but if you need an immediate solution, you get paid for it. Quetta web scan will check both internal and externally.

  5. WP AI Assistant

  6. This virtual assistant plugin helps to personalise your visitor experience. It will help in purchasing decision of your product. It will assist your users with product analyse and virtual assistance. By using this plugin, you can attract your customers and can sell more products. WP AI Assistant will redirect to pages and sending the discussion to admin panel for your site. Graphics will easily replace.

  7. Google Language translator

  8. Language Google translator is essential for your website, which helps to contact for your various users to your online store. It can manage more than 90 languages. This will promote your business to a different region in different market places. You can add the symbols or codes to enable language translations facility on your website. By installing the plugin, you can simply select the languages you want to display.


  10. AKISMET is an excellent tool used for checking comments and the contact form for spam preventing; this will automatically check your spam and filter it. You need to enable this plugin because it defaults on your wordpress site. AKISMET can solve all your spam-related issues. Most of the website have this plugin to avoid unwanted spam comments.