How pillar pages help to get SEO traffic?

A pillar page is a page that presents to give the overview of your website content. The page will cover all topic details in a glance. However, this will helps your users to get a page overview about a topic through links to various blogs and contents. In a nutshell, a pillar page is the master of your all cluster contents which give an idea in one umbrella. By providing links to the cluster contents and blog from pillar page will help the readers to find it easily.

There are mainly three types of pillar page:

  • 10x content pillar page
  • Resource pillar page
  • Service pillar page

Things you should focus while writing a pillar page

  • Words should not exceed more than 5000
  • Make graphics good and use bullet list, quality contents
  • Give a lot of inbound links to your site pages
  • Make your pillar page on top of the traffic and ranking.
  • Your pillar page should be updated whenever you add contents to your website.

There are a lot of benefits you can earn from pillar page for your SEO. With basic SEO knowledge, you can start by experimenting pillar pages with attractive words and graphics. We can look how pillar page will help your Google rankings of your web development company or any other company.

Your pillar page has the great ability to organise web content and fast ranking on Google by your content matters. Google always rank and favour the site, which is easy to get information and helps the users to acquire knowledge easily.

  • Pillar page will be more users friendly
  • It will concentrate on a single topic widely so ranking can be more
  • A lot of contents in one page refers to many links to your pages
  • Major role in user experience

Google simple logic is it will rank your website or content if your pages or contents give you the correct answer for the search result. If it does not understand by Google, it won’t rank your site. So pillar page has a major role incorrectly explaining your contents and can pitch your user’s queries and needs. For making your pillar page effective, you can use image and videos related to your contents, so the audience gets attracted by it. You can give powerful information to your clients and also you can make use it for SEO. Today the search engine marketing are better for making sense that what exactly users need so they will rank according to that. Updating quality content more than quantity with powerful keywords and links can communicate users with you. This will helps to create more business leads. You can create internal and external links for the pillar page.