How social media marketing impacts the movie industry

how social media marketing impacts the movie industry

Social media platforms are riding the wave and movie industry is no exception.  It’s an undeniable fact that social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are playing a large part in the commercial success of a movie. Nowadays, almost all of the celebs (not just film stars, the prominent shot directors and producers as well) have social media account and even before the movie release itself; they post the first – look posters and trailers, which garner the attention of their millions of fans and followers.

More, the social media platforms have made the whole scenario quite engaging as the viewer’s post the reviews and feedbacks while watching the movie. When compared to the traditional movie marketing methods like movie ad posters and banners,social media marketing helps to reach the film to a more significant number of audiences.  Even TV shows and series are also part of the game.

Hollywood Kick Starts!


Who doesn’t love Ted, the teddy bear from the movie with the same name? As part of the marketing technique, the movie makers created a page for Ted on Twitter which became a massive hit with a gamut of followers. The page was quite active as Ted tweets and give funny replies to the fans and followers and driving thousands of retweet.

Bollywood Is No Exception!


Remember Anushka Sharma’s movie ‘Pari,’ which was promoted on social media platform through suspenseful short teasers, termed screamers, mainly intended on marketing activities.  Besides, the film which was released on the holi season was being promoted with the Hashtags #HoliWithPari, which later became viral on Twitter. The team also conducted pranks based on the theme, which also became an instant hit on social media.

Besides, the interviews on particular film on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even podcasting help to gain positive attention.

How To Make A Social Media Movie Campaign A Hit?

These days social media platform like Facebook and Twitter plays a significant role in the success of a movie.  For instance, if you take the case of Twilight movies, it has a whopping one million followers on their Twitter page; and the page emphasizes on every aspect of the film- be it their exclusive news, pictures, video clips, fan comments and what not!

Bajirao Mastani is a perfect example of teaching success using social media. Even before the release of the movie, precisely before two and half months, the makers have created an animation series on the same, which gave the audience a clear idea about the historical figure and their background story.

These are merely some of the ideas which the movie industry implemented while promoting their videos using digital advertising. As technology is progressing and individuals are getting more informed, the film sector would continue coming up with many exciting ways of pulling the audience thereby generating box office revenues.