How to attain success in your Business via Instagram

Instagram, the second most popular social media platform, behind only Facebook has been firmly growing popularity as it is an ideal platform for user (customer) engagement. Realizing the power and full potential of this network, the marketers are making a smart move by implementing great social media strategies which enhances the growth of followers, engagement and online visibility. Most platforms are using social media in website development,

So, What Makes Instagram More Popular Than The Others?

The answer is quite simple. Instagram marketing is quite suitable for all kinds of business, despite its size or nature. It helps the smaller brands and even starts ups to build the brand image from scratch and make their presence online, without shell out a considerable amount of money. As per the proven stats, Instagram has more than 58% user engagement per followers, than their counterparts like Facebook. Here are some essential tools that lead social media network to the most consumer attention.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is having a strong foothold in almost all industries and the social media marketing sector is no exception, as it can drive marketing efforts on social media platforms. SocialCaptain, the automation tool which effectively implements AI achieves dynamic organic growth by getting real followers, likes and comments using automated targeted marketing.


It is considered as one of the best scheduling and social media management tool which is entirely compatible with all social networks. Hootsuite allows you to track and manage your platforms like Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter through a single dashboard. Besides, It enables the user to monitor the activities of people (like what they say) about your brand and make you respond directly and promptly. This tool helps to schedule content on all social media channels and ensuring the content and it makes it work on every social media network.


As the name implies, the tool enables the user to review the hashtags activity across Instagram and Twitter. More, the tool is all about analytics which analyzing the progress, performance, curate content, expand followers and develop powerful social media campaigns. The in-built colour tracking analysis sort Instagram results based on color and provides an insight into how specific color schemes drive user engagement.


The multipurpose tool allows the user to schedule the activities on Instagram and Pinterest like a Pro, by saving a whole lot of time. To add brownie points, they can control or manage multiple Instagram accounts at once. Besides, the feature-rich tool has many advantages like – saving time, maximizing your reach, analyzing your success and more, affordable and easily accessible.


The Instagram scheduler tool is named for its simplicity and accessibility and is used to list photos and videos automatically. The user can create and customize a calendar to publish a specific post on a particular day and time to achieve more followers. It allows single-click scheduling and manages multiple accounts and helps to post on any account instantly. Thereby it saves one’s time and allows to balance their social and professional life.