Increase the traffic, Reduce the bounce rate!

Who doesn’t want to increase the web traffic? But, alas! Only a few acquire. Others too might have a professional website, well-designed pages, and enough contents. Then what goes wrong? Usually, a bounce occurs when some visitor leaves without taking any chance to interact further with the website. And, if your website’s bounce rate is a scary number, then it’s high time, your website and marketing strategy is in dire need of a makeover. Never give a reason for the visitors to bounce.

Let us see how can you reduce the bounce rate of your website and earn some ‘interactive’ customers.

Landing Page Etiquettes

Bounce is mainly referred to as single- page session, and most of the time, visitors may bounce off before you get a chance to convert them. Unfortunately, no excuses are valid in this age of super-fast internet world. So, to generate more subscribers and earn more money, make it a well- polished page with zero distractions, visually appealing design and engaging content, to provoke the visitors to stay more time on your blog. Besides, make sure visitors get what they are looking for.

Readability Matters

You don’t have to be a Shakespeare to write blogs. If you want to impress the crowd, then go for simple, accessible, and readable quality contents. Consider all the elements – paragraphs, Font size, and colour, white or blank space. Avoid duplication as copycatting contents is not at all suitable for your blog. Besides, inserting internal links is a good SEO strategy as it will increase the staying time of visitors.

Being Mobile Friendly

The experts say that the percentage of mobile users has been outnumbering desktop and laptop users, and it shows the necessity of making a blog or a website mobile friendly. Even though it is a bit painstaking task, your efforts never go vain as many are using their smartphones for shopping, reading a blog, and browsing the internet. All that one should make sure is that the blog is optimized for smaller displays and touch access. If you are failing to catch up with the trend will escalate your bounce rate.

Optimize The Blog

Anyone can be irritated while loading time of a page increases and there’s a higher chance they will leave the page without a second thought. Hence, it is always an ideal way to optimize the page by following these steps.

  • Update to the latest version of wordpress
  • Update all the plugins and remove all those that are not in use.
  • Add limited videos to the blog
  • Use image compression plugins like WP Smush to optimize images.
  • Avoid distractions, mainly scrap all external ads if they are of no use to you.

Engage Users Via Videos

Not everyone is a good reader; for some, videos make the content attractive. As per the stats, adding videos on the blog itself can decrease the bounce rate by an average of 34 percent. However, make sure to put videos that align with the content of your page; otherwise, the whole effort will go down the drain.