Is virtual reality the future of marketing?

The sky is the limit, so as Virtual Reality (VR). Yes, believe it or not, the burgeoning VR is the next big thing and can be called as the future of the economy. It stimulates the experience of the people by incorporating two elements – real and virtual and provides a lifelike reality or another world or dimension of things. As per the experts, by the year 2020, the economic impact of VR will be reached to a next top-notch level.

The prime advantage of VR application is that the method is not at all constraint to any particular sector, and is applicable in a vast space like in the retail, military, education, scientific medicine, healthcare and more. VR can be brilliantly applied in the digital marketing sector, as it offers the user a diverse experience and allows them to interact with the proposed product from a different angle. Utilizing VR technology in the best possible way, many more prominent brands are planning to adapt the VR technology to explore new marketing strategy as a visualized reality. This would raise the bar of the brand besides improving the relationship with the customers. Slowly, but consistently, VR is gaining a foothold as a useful marketing tool.

Future Of Ecommerce In VR

All thanks to the growing number of online shoppers, the e-commerce industry has come a long way. However, we can’t deny the fact that e-shopping has several drawbacks compared to the traditional ones. However, the experts say, these downsides can easily be rectified by the element of virtual reality and can transform the e-commerce sector.

Now using VR- which an amalgamation of technology and experience, anyone can shop in a simulated environment can try the products without stepping out of their home. Yes, that means no traffic and no parking hassles. Despite the size of the brand, the application brings out online shopping experience to the next level, which can create a drastic change in marketing strategy.

For instance, as part of a promotion campaign, McDonald’s Sweden has introduced, Happy Goggles, which turn the Happy Meal boxes into virtual-reality goggles for kids.

Virtual Tours

Now, nothing stops you from visiting the Grand Canyon or Niagara waterfalls; for those who are a misfortune to miss places in their bucket list, then VR platform is a blessing. Even though it won’t be the same as the real experience, Virtual trips help you to have mind-blowing 3 D tours in the places you want to visit without breaking your bank. Incorporating technologies like Photogrammetry and 360-degree video capture, these trips offer an unparalleled luxury of immersive virtual reality expeditions, that can be viewed anywhere, anytime.

Mountain climbing

Scale new heights with VR app. You can climb the rocky mountains, ice cliffs, and visit exotic places without risking your life. And for that, all that you need is a VR, and you are ready to go. It provides an excellent opportunity for those who can’t explore adventurous trucking owing to their age, fear, or any other disabilities.


VR can be used for many purposes in the Healthcare sector. For instance, by creating a VR environment, a patient who is suffering from an anxiety disorder or in unbearable pain can be distracted, and they will get relief from the pain to some extent. It is already proven that VR is an effective strategy to treat patients suffering from strokes, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and more. Besides, it is also used in the case of Alzheimer’s patient, where virtual reality can be used familiarize themselves with specific memories to regain their memory power.