What are some tips to set up apple pay on wordpress site

If you are an agency or company who are working on Woocommerce site you will get a lot of option for using the payment gateways. We know that the plugins in woo commerce support Stripe and Paypal that comes in wordpress. There are more options today to integrate the payment method out of the box. One of the trending and getting popular payment method is Apple Pay payment gateway. The article talks you about the Apple Pay gateway and its rise in technology which support your eCommerce website. How this Apple Pay can be set up in wordpress and how it works with can be discussing here.

When Apple Pay was started?

Apple Pay was started on 2014 October In U.S. This was started by Green Dot Bank, Member FDIC. Users can do payment in their mobile device itself. Apple pay is not in India because no banks and Merchants are not implemented this in their system.

What is Apple Pay payment?

Apple pay is a payment method for apple devices and watches. This was introduced to move customers from physical wallets to digital world where debit card and debit card in your Apple device allow you to pay instead of card. Apple pays supports major credit and debit cards including VISA, Mastercard, etc. Most of the bank now support Apple card. There will be some doubts like where and when you can use this Apple card and what the limit so on is. Let’s clarify this.

You can use Apple Pay where it works anywhere that accepts contactless payments. If you are seeing the Apple pay symbol near readers then it will accept Apple card. Now a lot of restaurants and stores are using this In US and UK support. You can use Apple Pay in many apps and safari browser also with Water Aid and WWF, Cancer Research UK, etc. If you are confused with Apple Pay limit means there is no limits. You can use this for weekly shop, filling car fuel in your iPhone and Apple watch. Various apps support the Apple Pay payment like Adidas, Bloom & Wild, Starbucks, Deliveroo, Apple Store, ASOS, Uber, British Airways, Booking.com, Emirates so on.

Steps to set up Apple pay on wordpress

We know that WordPress doesn’t support online payment process out of the box, so we need third party service for it. For integrating Apple Pay we use plugins. The best option is to do with Woocommerce. The process not complicated with Woocommerce. There is no other plugin to support Apple Pay. There are some features which required in Woocommerce store to integrate with Apple Pay.

  • The Woocommerce site should have HTTPS served over with a SSL certificate.
  • Server should support TLS 1.2 protocol
  • You need an Apple developer Account to integrate this Apple Pay.

First Set up Stripe for Woocommerce

It is better to noting Stripe for Woocommerce. You will enable SSL certificate in your wordpress website WP Engine will make it easy to add SSL certificate Install the Woocommerce. We can enable stripe in Woocommerce. With the help of stripe you can integrate the Apple Pay in it.

Second adding Apple Pay Payments within Stripe

Before doing this you should do two things. First is adding the Stripe account key in Woocommerce. Second is to enable Apple Pay payment. You can done this by finding right method like go to Woocommerce and then settings then go for payment tab and search for stripe settings. Once you found out you can click on manage. It will show two columns like Live Publishable Key and Live Secret Key. Fill the keys and scroll down until you see the Payment Request Button. Then you can enable it. So this will automatically change to Apple Pay whenever someone tries to pay via Stripe using the Safari. You need to do save the changes in Woocommerce.

The Apple pay will benefit for Merchants and consumers because of their

  • Well enabled Security
  • One click payment system
  • Easy and convenient
  • Recurring payment method
  • Will get funds easily
  • More Apple using customers can attract by this.

A wordpress development company who works in Woocommerce webaite surely can try this for the customers. Which make them more attracting, and your project work will reach higher. Lot of people are moved to Apple device now, so it will be easy for them to do payments by their Apple devices. People may like it most because once you added the card details the Apple pay will store the information and afterwards it will pay without entering the details.

For a Web development company, there is variety of customers and there you can also use this method for easy pay of your product and service by clients. The most trustful method of payment where customer can do it flexible.