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WordPress again launching a new feature in the WordPress block editor. The new feature is called reusable blocks. It allows starting users building something and saving it for later. The reusable blocks can be edited in one place. You can enable users to reuse snippets of texts across posts and pages. It can be save and reuse complex layouts and also edit things in one place. web development companies using wordpress shpould know these updates in wordpress version

To make unlike templates, there are blocks which is snippets of universally synchronized content that can be reused and inserted into any page you want. The other thing is, you can use the reusable blocks to structure your content.

WordPress Flawed 5.5.2 Security update

It is possible to install wordpress on a brand new website which doesn’t have database connection configured. This will not affect site because there is database already configured in one click installers or existing wp-config.php file. For fix that problem, WordPress 5.5.2 was stopped from rolling out to more sites. When a rogue update pushed itself out automatically.

WordPress Alpha Updates Accidentally Pushed Out

WordPress stopped some updates on further. But the team was busy getting WordPress 5.5.3 ready for fixing the old bugs. WordPress auto-updates start pushing all updates. The WordPress automated system has selected an Alpha version of WordPress for installing and downloading. The auto updates are not allowed to push in Alpha version.

WordPress 5.5.3 Alpha Bugs

WordPress Alpha installation was introduced additional theme and installed Akismet. There is supposedly no wrong with themes. The publishers who choose not to delete themes will be burdened with having them updated. Failure to update themes could be future pose a security risk.

About wordpress 5.5.3

The latest Version 5.5.3 updates everything version 5.5.2 was meant to be not any problems. WordPress 5.5.3 fixes all the problems The WordPress 5.5.3 maintenance release contains no problems in issue. The development team only “thanks and props” for fixing the problems which are not introduced.

WordPress 5.5 – Automatic updates for plugins and themes. But you should avoid it

Awesome Feature was added in 5.5 version of wordpress. The CMS gained ability for auto turn updates to the Theme and Plugin. But there are some risks. Plugins are essential part of wordpress they will help extend the core function of CMS. Too many plugin will can affect the wordpress performance. Poor content and maintained plugin down the site fully.

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