MyUnlimited WP Provides Understanding and Updates on the WordPress Business

There are some updates in MyUnlimitedWP in wordpress. Business people should pay attention, because some of these events have nice impacts on online business all over the world. When it comes to wordpress security and maintenance, hosting environments business owners will be aware of some recurring things happening. If you have a right partner you can make it simple everything.

New Web Stories for WordPress plugin and ‘Web Creators’ Community by Google

Now days Stories are getting more in popularity, getting rich, full-screen and tap-driven experience that trends out just about every social media platform. Stories with snappy, bite-size small animations and interactive prompts are effective in keeping users engaged. They have become more live and trendy since Snapchat introduced in 2013. Other social platforms adopted this like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. These stories are only available in closed formats like separate app to download for viewing the story or following specific content creator to see etc. web stories are open and easily sharable.

By a plugin, users are happy with a familiar and understandable WYSIWYG interface this advanced tools give users the authority to create and publish awesome content within WordPress. The Web Stories in WordPress plugin can offer users image editing capabilities like image masking, saved colors & styles, and many more.

WordPress 5.5.1 can fix millions of broken sites

WordPress most popular CMS website, the new version 5.5 rolled out and WordPress turned quickly to fix the issue. Wordpress maintenance can fix 5.5.1 the problem which is introduced by wordpress v5.5.

Hackers are exploiting lot of wordpress website which is critical Flaw affecting

Hackers are easily exploiting security breach where they can execute commands and other error scripts on wordpress sites. Wordpress plugin is fixing the issue but still new users are affecting. The file manager wordpress plugin allow clients to manipulate files like copy or paste, upload, download and delete from the wordpress back end. Even though wordpress version 6.0 to 6.8 plugins is affected but the new version 6.9 is soon releasing to avoid the security risk.

WordPress default theme Twenty -Twenty one

Twenty – twenty one is the new theme in wordpress as default with wordpress 5.6. This theme offer clean and professional layout design elevates your personal website for clients. This theme is following coding standards. There are wide range of customization for creating new uniques like

  • Large Text
  • Media and text article title
  • Portfolio list
  • Contact information
  • Overlapping images

millions of WordPress site attacked

Million of sites is hacked in wordpress, the vulnerabilities in Epsilon framework theme which is installed over lakhs of site. Some of the version of Epsilon frame work theme is vulnerable like

  • Shapely v1.2.7
  • NewsMag v2.4.1
  • Activello v1.4.0
  • Illdy v2.1.4
  • Allegiant v1.2.2
  • Newspaper X v1.3.1

MyUnlimitedWP helps to navigate dynamic and always changing wordpress website. The service is stress free and easy solution to work functioning and up to date. WordPress website maintenence and supports, updates are the passion means you can done with MyUnlimitedWP, which have different packages with different level of service for the needs.