How to make a website like pinterest with wordpress?

Pinterest became one of the toppest social media sharing for images, videos and small Gifs today. Pinterest uses bookmarks where people use to save their likely ideas and as well as searches. It gives options for liking, commenting and sharing for the picture they need. Pinterest is an American company that started its journey in 2010. Now the company has a revenue of nearly $756 million. Pinterest attracts people more because they give new ideas and innovations to users who search for guidance or support in search engines. Pins in the pinterest gives links back to your website where users get more traffic to their site. People love pinterest more because of this and it gives clear cut solutions or products where people are looking for. In wordpress there are a lot of things which make the same features with pinterest that helps to create a website like pinterest in wordpress. pinterest can promote your website development and design business more by using it properly.

To make website like pinterest in wordpress you need basically

  • A domain name
  • Better web hosting
  • Choose the wordpress platform
  • Installing and set up wordpress
  • Select the theme and designs
  • Create the website with all the features
  • Make sure your SEO works and tools to promote your website ranking and position
  • Launch site successfully

This is the first thing basically you need to know while building the website. We prefer wordpress because it is very user friendly and a best platform to create a website like pinterest.

What are the main features a website like pinterest needs?

  • Pinterest has pins which can share the things you searched or seen in this through facebook, email account, other pinterest users etc.
  • Pinterest notified you if you did a duplicate search you already pinned it in pinterest.
  • You got notification for example you already pin a photo of ice-cream and again searching for it. Pinterest notify like you have already pinned that
  • Like normal google analytics pinterest also helps to analyse your users how much pinned, number of pinners in your site.
  • You also get mobile notifications, search suggestion etc from this
  • Chrome Extension for the users

So building a site like this you must take care of what the pinterest are giving the best to their users. Your website should work similar to pinterest but you can’t copy them while creating features like them.

Which is the main wordpress theme used to create a website like pinterest?

You can use themes which similar to pinterest in wordpress like


Best wordpress theme which gives a beautiful style like pinterest. People can edit, delete or create posts while they land to their page. Lot of other features are included in the theme to make your website more live and attractive. Unlimited colours, sidebar menus, search suggestion and good information in the theme makes it great.


The theme gives a new trendy approach to the site and gives the layout its best. Smart photo protection is the key feature in it. Use social media buttons and post-like commenting options for your post to make a more attractive website. Most people use this theme for their website now.

Today a lot of other popular sites like pinterest were launched. Some of the most popular are

  • Dribbble- aimed at designers
  • We heard It – mainly for youngsters
  • Dudepins- exclusively for men so on.

Who owns pinterest now?

Pinterest is owned by Ben Silbermann- CEO and has a user of nearly 17 billion today. Pinterest, a hot photo site in social media, is getting more popular and has the chance to buy from Google. Google has a plan for it. Yes! the company has a dream of setting a billion dollar worth brand not yet planned for it sells.

What are the marketing and money making steps for a website like pinterest?

A website like pinterest can make money by adding posts and creating a commission for every pin. If people buy products in this also they earn some money. You can create marketing strategy by doing

  • Branding
  • Make content strategy
  • Concentrate your gallery and adding more post
  • Pinterest SEO should focus
  • Try to get more pins

For a wordpress development enterprise to make a website like pinterest will be easy and they need to try focusing more on developing features and making more traffic to their site. Earning money through a website like pinterest is a bit complicated but continuous work out makes it easier and cool.