Top 5 tools for data visualization to support business operations

What is data visualization tools?

Undoubtedly, data visualization is the most common word today in the field of data science. Well, there can be many possible questions that arise to you when the sounds interesting. Yes! The term data visualization is the one step in data science or data analytics which used to communicate information. It is a technique used to communicate the data by visually encoding the objects. You can use data like graphs, maps, etc. For human understanding, data visualization makes an easy by visually. Mostly we use excel data for understanding it by making charts, table etc and this is more powerful now also but the trend has changed a lot. People need more options so by data visualization tools; it is more effective and creative ideas can be made out.

  • Bubble clouds
  • Bullet graphs
  • Heat maps
  • Radial trees
  • Infographics

What benefits hits with the use of is data visualization?

  • By data, visualization productivity increased
  • You can identify the trends in data visualization
  • You can understand more about the data visually
  • The dashboard of data visualization support visual learners
  • Increased sales and growth

Through a better understanding of your data, the operations can be made easy and the new trends do your business to the next level. Analyzing customer needs and through sentimental analyzing, you can make better customer relation. Ease of work is possible through data visualization. Complex reports or data made easy understanding by tools.

Best 5 data visualization tools

Zoho Analytics

Number one tool for data analyzing and reporting. It uses a cloud storage system for both online and offline services. Data synchronization is automatic here. Your data type maybe Excel, HTML, CSS, XML whatever it is zoho analytics will support. It contains a better dashboard and a variety of visual reports. A user-friendly tool which helps non-technical user also more. You can create charts, different tables, and a drag and drop interface to customers.


Best infographic platform helps to share digital charts and maps. It is a straight and straightforward method for those who need infographics. You can design your report within seconds. There are customizing options like zooming, flipping and sliding, bouncing etc. the digital data can add a link, tabs etc for your purpose. Moreover, they follow the best security features for your data also. They come up with various plans in their prices.


It is best for data engineers. Designers and technical people mostly use them for creating many analytical apps. A self-service company which is easy to use for professional people. A web development company have customers all over the world. Cost is almost low comparing to other tools. It is an open-source solution having much functionality.


A bets tool used to team collaboration with company data. Excellent tool for your company growth where a team can manage the data easily by this. It shared through the mail, slack and also pdf reports. The company provide training and demo for the users. Data management easily implemented through this.


It is used mainly by marketers, businesses and agencies where you can collect from wherever and connect through a single tool like whatagraph. They give you the best data-driven graphs which help marketers more. Another benefit of the tool is white-label reports so you can customize the data and send it to your users. The best option for small business people who can afford the tool price also.