How to create contact form in wordpress?

Have any idea about the importance of contact form on your wordpress website? Yes, this article helps you to do it step by step. So, why are you using the contact form on your website? Because the way to get contacted with you through this is a better option for users. Users can make their service and product needs through this by giving their mobile number and mail id. You can reply to them by the contact details they provided to you as mail. WordPress doesn’t have a built-in contact form, but you can add it through plugins. Without codes, you can make it easier.

By directly giving your mail id to users there are a lot of chances of getting some problems. A contact form makes spam protection, saves time and gets real needs. All you need is an exact plugin for contact form creation. Choose the best user-friendly plugin for your site.

  • Install the plugin and activate it
  • For this go to the dashboard and take plugin and add new so you can activate it
  • By activating WPForms, you are ready to add forms
  • Start it by giving the form name
  • You get some templates, simple forms etc by pre-built.
  • Take a simple form and add a name, mail address, and message field.
  • You can edit them by clicking it or drag and drop option.

If you need to add a new field, click the left sidebar which is available in the section. Once you have done, just click on the save button. Your next part is to configure the form notifications. After creating the form, you should check if the form is working or not so by getting a client message give them a reply like a thankyou message. You will get an email notification when a client submits the form. Customize it by your wish and you can make a form on your page too.

How will you add a contact form in a page?

If you need to add a form on a page, you can use the existing page or a new one. You will have WPform blocks to add a form. Just making a button and adding into that page make work will work by going to contact details and entering then submit.

Plugins for a contact form

  • WPForms
  • Formidable forms
  • Gravity forms
  • Ninja Forms
  • Contact form7

For a wordpress development website, it is must to add forms for getting customer queries and needs which give you some leads also. The people will contact through this for various needs some need your services which provides you with more project and growth.