How to Add a News Section in WordPress and the Benefits It Offers?

A news section is just opposite to the blog section in wordpress. The blog section is detailed information about the topic and it is some what based on the writer’s opinion. The news section is not brief and it depends on the current things happening in the facts. It will be more useful for a website like a magazine and news. Surely the news section in your wordpress website helps you to engage user attention and more visitors to the site. Most people will not be interested in reading all the contents in your blog or about company news. Their news section will catch their eyes which are not long news.

The benefits of adding a news section in your site is your organic traffic should increase and Google defines the quality of your website. Could you not make it a not purposeful one? Because you need to add it to your site then surely you will get benefit from it. In what ways you can add a news section in wordpress? With the help of wordpress plugin, you can add a news section by plugins.

  • The first step is to activate the plugin, so go to the dashboard and click to plugins.
  • Search WP news and scrolling widgets
  • Activate the plugin
  • After that, you can see a new item on the menu called “News”?
  • In this section like normal post adding you can add categories and post.
  • To add a new post in the news section click on add item.
  • Type title of the news post and copy the contents you can set image if you need.
  • Publish the content as normally
  • For adding new categories in the news, section click on categories in the section adds the category, slug. The shortcode makes the post in the front end of the site and can use various layouts. The things you can change and set like

    • Category and grid
    • Date showing
    • Showing category
    • Limiting the words
    • Set like chronological order etc.

    For adding news in the site, you can choose the best wordpress medium like

    • WordPress tavern
    • Post status

    These resources give you more news feedback and the latest updates for you. There are a lot of plugins which are helpful for the news section adding in wordpress. You need to check your SEO as much. Your SEO pushed more and you get some more benefit from it.

    Which wordpress news plugins benefits for your business?

    Having a news section on a website can add value to your business. WordPress has several plugins that help to improve the click-through rate and to reduce bounce rate.

    WP news and scrolling widgets

    WP news and scrolling widgets which abundantly considered as the most powerful plugins that integrate with wordpress newspaper themes. The plugins help to create, manage and display news content within the wordpress website. Once the plugin gets installed in the admin panel, there you can find a news tab for updating the contents.


    • Customization options
    • Integration with many social media

      Custom CSS

      Simple drag and drop feature

    Simple news

    It is yet another plugin which designed and developed to create contents in an unordered list. Simple news plugins offer various customization options like four image size, simple style layout for the widgets, add your CSS and more. As the name indicates, a simple news plugin offers simple options compatible with other plugins.


    • Ability to add shortcodes
    • Easy to handle and add widgets

    Live news

    As the name indicates, the plugin that helps to update real-time news, weather alerts, financial news and all other live events. It is available in premium options but available in multilanguage ready. With the plugin, you can create news for your news tickers by using both featured and sliding news menus. This plugin allows you to choose a colour for your sliding news too freely.


    • Customization options
    • Support wordpress multisite network
    • Add stories manually
    • Super optimized