Google has unveiled a new tool for crafting Knockout websites

Great news for wordpress users. You can make your website build experience easier and if you are interested in Google’s aesthetic. Techies just released latest plugin for the material design theme. The material design is the design language created by Google, which makes realistic lightening, animations and 3D effects features. Let’s discuss the new feature and what makes the wordpress users easy in building website.

WordPress add on allows users to recreate the experience of Google’s first-party site by not using coding. We can really thank Google for this great feature. This will be more helpful for business level users in wordpress. The plugin can customize the colours and icons in your site to align properly the Material design theme.

About Material Design in wordpress

The material design plugin in wordpress can customise your site colour, navigation, shape and typography, choosing material components and choosing 1000s of font. Which is given from the team Google’s open source design system.

  • The theme can apply material design principles and custom style to your site. The layout includes page for home, about, portfolio, blog, contact.
  • You can add material components like cards and buttons, creating layout for image high pages or styled contact form.
  • You can apply the theme in wordpress by changing the colour, typography according to wordpress elements in the header and footer

At first the Material Design theme was available only for android apps. But now the webpages will be able to use Google fonts with all other mentioned features above. Google noticed the tools and its early stage users have to use the plugin asking for more improvement suggestions. Google decide to give its aesthetics to maximum users by plugging to wordpress. Without coding wordpress users can enjoy a lot of features in this. Web Development Company which have many kind of project in various fields can easily create wordpress website with these features and new tools.

Why did Material Design create?

Skeuomorphismthois is a style of design which made UI elements look like actual objects. This was ended up because it is too distracting of its lifelike qualities. At first the Material design focused on Grid based design, better animation and suitable colours.

  • The Material design is a Metaphor
  • It is Bold and Graphic, intention
  • Iconography and sounds
  • Motion and interaction
  • This is motion in design
  • Which means it is very informative, helps to focus and to expressive

How web designers use Material Design now?

Designers can access too many features like designing customizer tool allow them to make design best practice which can create their own brand. They can build their own theme. The designers who develop custom UI by sticking on colours, fonts who is developed by Google for Android apps.

Benefits of Material Design

  • Web designer can get benefit from material design all time
  • It gives mobile responsive approach
  • Google provide documentation and support extensively for developers and designers
  • The designing system is powerful and flexible
  • Interface is far better in the theme

You can create more friendly and accessible website by this Material Design which helps to create wordpress website with flexible and responsive with highly in design. A wordpress development company who use to build website by Google’s Material design can easily build the website.