Wordpress can make your blog post automatically to tweetstorms and it's benefits

WordPress.com introduces a new easy way to post the blog directly to twitter threads. This is known as tweetstorms in your blog with an introduction of unroll option for twitter embeds. Now the company is introduced the tweetstorm publications. This can make your blog post into tweetstorm within seconds. The new feature can make you to tweet every word of the post. You can accompany both image and video.

What is tweetstorm?

Tweetstorm is considered as a series of related tweets which is posted by Twitter user as a quick succession. The series of tweets starts from one person with the number of slash. The way of sharing thoughts and comments that is too long for 280 characters which are limited for single tweets. Tweetstorm can make users how many tweets to read its counting actually. Some people argued that twitter is a piece of content or information which is short. The tweetstorm is a big content which looks like Spam and controversial. Now the twitter is redesigned and made room for tweetstorms, so they will not like spam.

Why you should use Tweetstorm?

The question cannot be answered easily. You know that the twitter post has 280 characters only. You can run out of the 280 characters limit and post more tweets and can edit more tweets so tweetstorm can be very helpful.

How can you post a tweetstorm?

For composing a new tweet you can select the + icon which is found in the lower right corner on the tweet button. You can tweet the entire series and publish them together at once by selecting Tweet All. If you need to post a tweet one by one then post one tweet and add the other tweets as replying to the first tweet.

How to use the tweetstorm feature on wordpress?

To use the tweetstoem feature first the wordpress users will click on the jetpack icon in the top right page. After that connects on Twitter account on wordpress site. If you don’t have done already. This will support Twitter accounts. Once Twitter is connected you can select the account when you need to tweet. Then choose the newly added option to share post as twitter thread instead of single posting a link. You can also tweet on multiple accounts with this feature.

There will be a box provided where you can write an introductory message in tweetstorm. So the users on Twitter come to know that your thread is discussing. The publish button is there. When you click the button the blog post will share automatically. If it contains a long paragraph it will automatically split out as many tweets. WordPress users can make better post to shape it and fit to Twitter app with the limit as they have.

How wordpress change their blog post to tweetstorm?

A wordpress development company who are focusing on rankings and traffic will upload content daily as blogs. They should be shared on other social Medias also. The work load is somewhat high while sharing the post in social Medias. Here the post is directly moved to tweetstorms. With just two clicks you can your blog post to twitter thread. By this way it gives you new engagement and conversation from users. A web development company who can use these feature in wordpress will give you great impact on your business.

  • Install the jetpack plugin
  • If you have the latest version of jetpack you can start over
  • To connect twitter with jetpack in wordpress dashboard click on sharing tab, in publicize connections toggle the option
  • This will automatically enable the post share to your network
  • Publish the post and tweet thread
  • This will save time and sharing it by link this give a great impact.

What are the benefits of tweetstorm?

  • The users are more interested in twitter post, so it will give more users to your site
  • It is easy to buy products with Twitter users
  • It will help in brand conversion
  • With the tweet post more traffic is possible to site
  • It will expand the reach