Is Cloudflare good for wordpress?

Cloudflare is a most CDN firewall in wordpress and it offers the best speed on your website along with a full security feature. It is the best firewall available in the market today. The CDN helps you to set up different multiple server edges to your site in the different location users. The CDN works when a user requests it, and the nearest CDN server works for it. It will load fast for your results. It helps to increase your user experience more. Cloudfare helps to crash out the traffic on your site also. Cloudflare works globally by cache content to deliver dynamic content well. They are offering the best for all kind of business at a reasonable price.

Benefits of using cloudfare in your website

  • It will protect the spam issue
  • Saving host bandwidth
  • Accurate result for users
  • Faster DNS changes
  • Improved performance
  • Get free SSL
  • Cloud WAF
  • Optimization methods in the site will be easy
  • Free of time
  • It will block DoS
  • It will act as a layer between the user and your website
  • Website network security strategies
  • Keep your site protective

When you should use Cloudflare

If your host quality is low and site issues, you can use cloudfare DSN with the better host. If you are doing a small business, you can inevitably run a free DSN like cloudfare. How you can setup cloudfare in your wordpress site. Let’s check .

  • In your host control panel in the setup option by a single click
  • Sign up normally in the cloudfare website

There should be a wordpress hosting service available for easy setup. In your site ground, you can integrate the cloudfare and set it up. After that, in cpanel click on cloudfare icon on it. The other way to set up is manually on your website. If you don’t have a single click configuration of cloudfare. Go to the cloud fare website and sign up on it and enter the details on it. After that, click your site URL; you will see a list of DNS records and subdomains. Check primary domain is active on cloud fare as an orange button color on it. In the cloudfare, name server registers the account and change the server name and save it. For a wordpress website, this should be more useful. There is some wordpress plugin available for it. With this plugin, it is easy to set up the functions.