Web development courses online with certificate free

Web Development Courses With Free Certificate


Web development is the work required in developing the internet or intranet. It is the building and maintenance of the website. It works behind the scenes of the website to look good. Web development may use CMS(content management system) to make content changes easier and obtainable with basic technical ability. Web design, web publishing, web programming, and database management are part of web development. Web development can be classified into: 1. Frontend development 2. Backend development

Web development is responsible for a site's technical side, like performance and capacity, which are the measures of a website's speed and the traffic it can hold. Learning web development is not difficult as it seems. There are many free web development courses with free certificates. Some of them are mentioned below.


1. FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp is very popular for teaching web development and web designing skills. They are very comfortable in teaching everyone, from beginners to advanced levels. They have created thousands of videos, articles, and interactive sessions. Extra videos for students are also given for the references. Every side of the FreeCodeCamp is 100% free. You will learn about web development starting from basics like HTML and CSS, then will move on to JavaScript, Bootstrap, Reactjs, etc. You will receive the certificate after the course completion.


Course offered by UDEMY with free certificates focuses on front-end development skills. This course doesn’t require previous knowledge on the topic. HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT are included in this course. You will also learn modern technologies like Backbone.js and jQuery. This course has a very extensive structure for learning responsive web designing. By the end of the course, you will have all the tools and practical knowledge to design web applications. Also, students will have all the basic foundations to access the job market as junior Front-end developers.


If you want to become a web designer, the gymnasium presents you with a good opportunity to get to know HTML and CSS. This course teaches you basics, aesthetics, and design principles. These courses were designed to help out the gap identified by clients and from the job placement analytics. Full courses are taught by the experts to focus on presentation skills and technologies. The course includes 3 to 6 hrs of video instructions, quizzes, and a final exam. After the final exam if you score more than 80% you will receive the certificates. Its mission is to provide clients with skills that meet our current needs.


It is a 31-hour course for students to build a strong foundation to become junior WordPress developers. It goes beyond the basics with WordPress skills, covering topics like site administration, workflow, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more. If you have a LinkedIn premium account you can access this course for free, and can also get a completion badge. They provide a platform that is beyond simply choosing WordPress themes, but teaches how to handle WordPress to build content and design. And to become more organized and efficient. This course gives you the knowledge in three steps. First to learn a time-tested workflow for building a WordPress site. Second, how to build a child theme, and finally review the tools and techniques professionals used to develop sites for the clients. By the end of the course, you will have a firm foundation on WordPress essentials with advanced developing tools and practices.


It is an e-learning platform part of Byju’s group, a major edtech company for professionals and higher education. The programs they provide are in collaboration with universities like IIT Madras, IIT Bombay, MIT professional education, and more. Great learning is an advanced platform that provides a wide variety of free courses for students. They categorize students into three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. We can choose our timing schedules and can accordingly select the course and enroll in it. Beginners can start with HTML, CSS, etc and according to the level, you can enroll in different courses like JavaScript, angular, etc.


Mind luster provides a free-of-cost learning platform for the students according to their interested area. In the case of development, they start from HTML and CSS, and as the level increases, they move on to JavaScript. React.js etc. They promise you a future in the financing, marketing, managing, programming, and leadership with free courses from the world’s top universities.


Udacity provides courses that aim to provide learners with the skills that they need to build varieties of websites and applications. Key topics include CSS and website layouts, JavaScript and DOM, web APIs and asynchronous applications and build tools, webpack, and service worker. Graduates of these programs will be able to construct responsive websites using CSS, Flexbox, and CSS grid, develop interactive websites and user-interface applications with the help of JavaScript and HTML and then connect a web application to back-end server data by using JavaScript.


Coursera provides HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for students to study basic tools and implement modern webpages with HTML and CSS. Key topics include an introduction to HTML5 and CSS3, coding the static restaurant site, introduction to JavaScript, and using JavaScript to build web applications. The course can be enrolled according to your schedule. They provide shareable certificates, assignments with peer feedback, self-paced learning options, and graded quiz with feedback. Coursera partnerships with 200+ universities. Students from these universities can enroll in the course(s) for free, and others can apply for scholarships. Once Coursera approves their scholarship, they can enroll in the course(s) for free.