How to build a travel website like expedia?

Thinking to develop your own online travel booking website? Travel is considered the biggest industry in the world. The trend to travel is trending in the marketplace. The demand for the travel website is increasing randomly and every travel business is looking to develop a website like expedia. According to statistics, the demand for travel agency has reached out to 95% in the country. A reputable travel portal development company provides you a complete solution that perfectly needed for a business.

An online travel booking website will have all the essential requirements that users needed to book for traveling. Various online booking websites like airbnb are all increasing in demand. In todays scenario, most travel agencies survive with the successful development of websites. In general, expedia is an online marketplace for eCommerce services. Expedia is yet another online travel website that generates almost $8 billion in revenue in the year 2016. The website helps to book flights, packages for vacation, hotels and all. Make use of wordpress development companies to develop functional travel agency websites. The article shares with you the complete tools needed to create travel booking websites.

How an online travel booking system like expedia works?

The development makes the working process simple and fast. Follow the simple steps and see the work process of website development.

  • Booking details
  • Prefferd choices
  • Check availability
  • Place order
  • Make payment
  • confirm order details
  • Get set go

What are the steps to create a website like expedia

  1. Get a domain name and hosting services

  2. A domain name is an address that you have entered in the address bar to visit your website. A hosting server is a place where you store all the databases essential for your website. It is necessary expensive to protect your website from external attacks. Bluehost is one of the popular servers that is cheaper in cost but provides reliable services. The major benefits highlighted in bluehost is that it automatically develop a wordpress website when you register in it. It is nice to deal right?

  3. Pick up a suitable wordpress theme

  4. Once you enter into the wordpress development process, it is quite important to pick up a suitable theme for the website. The theme will completely change the overall design of the website with all the features and functionality embedded in it. WordPress is rich in many themes and plugins for different categories. For more collection checkout travel agency wordpress templates.

  5. Brand your website

  6. When you have chosen the perfectly suitable theme for your brand, the next thing you have to do is customization options. Customize your website according to the features and functionalities required for your brand.

  7. Market and start publishing your content
  8. When building a website like expedia, there will be tons of features and functionalities. The only thing you have to do is generate website traffic when your development process is complete. WordPress is a popular platform that you get everything you need at a cheap cost.

How much does it cost to build a website like expedia?

The online traveling booking system is a highly demanded business with many segments included like travel agencies, restaurants, insurance agencies, etc. So, it is the right decision to invest in websites like expedia in today’s economic status. The way that expedia demanded is about the simple and demanded strategy. WordPress travel website design and development aim to get an easier user experience. As a web development company can get you perfect solutions to vacation deals, travelers to get the best accommodation by entering into expedia website. The cost of developing a website like expedia may vary according to the features and functionality that expected to deliver. Check how to build a website like craigslist to know the cost for building a website like craigslist.


As per today’s online business is concerned, the travel agency is the most profitable niche in the market. The most common thing highlighted in expedia that the expansive coverage in the booking system. Select an online travel agency website development that embed all the quality features required for it. All you need is to build up a website as per the user’s needs. If you have any questions regarding web development services, please feel free to get in touch with us.