Difference between web development and wordPress development

Difference between web development and WordPress Development

Web development and WordPress are the most frequently used terms in website development technology. They serve the same purpose of constructing websites, but they differ in their approaches, functionalities, and their targeted audience. This comprehensive examination helps us to differentiate between web development and WordPress by clarifying the characteristics, advantages, and limitations.

What is web development?

Web development is the process of designing and developing websites and maintaining them. Most popular technologies of front-end and back-end frameworks are used in building websites or it is built from scratch by writing codes. Different aspects of web designing, web publishing, web programming, and database management are included in creating websites.

What is WordPress development?

WordPress development is developing websites with WordPress, an open-source content management system. Quality websites can be created on the popular WordPress platform. WordPress developers build various custom-made websites using third-party plugins and themes to meet the requirements of clients.

Importance of web development

  1. Helps to maintain trust among the customers :
  2. Web development plays a crucial role in maintaining trust and keeping the relationship stable with the customers. It allows you to understand what the customers want and need and act accordingly thus offering them quality services. If it turns out to be the opposite, ie, if the products or the service you offer looks outdated, the customers may lose interest in you and trust. Also, this will create a negative impact on the business. However, if you have a good reputation with quality features that really the customers want, chances are high for them to come back again and again.

  3. Brings Out business to life
  4. Web Development helps in bridging innovative business ideas to life. We know that in the 21st century, a strong online presence plays a significant role in the business. The reason is quite simple, it is because it renders potential and quality customers into the company’s values and its culture. Here both are beneficial thus helping in branding and marketing.

  5. Helps in creating more leads and sales
  6. Web Development is essential in creating more leads and sales as it helps customers ease their business online. Having a well-designed website will help people to learn and know about your services, ultimately boosting your business. And if you don't have a website, people may not find you and probably they will just go somewhere else.

Importance of Wordpress Development

  1. WordPress is Easy to Use
  2. WordPress has been considered one of the most popular, flexible, and powerful platforms. And we know that WordPress is quite easy to use, especially for beginners. The functionalities are easy to learn, it has a simple dashboard that is easy to understand and there are different options listed on the sidebar. It is easy for the beginner to create posts and pages and they can also customize the website according to the needs of the customer. WordPress makes it easy for beginners to learn fast and to maintain their website without making any technical hiccups. Leveraging WordPress themes for content marketing can further enhance the website's appeal and functionality, ensuring a seamless experience for both users and administrators.

  3. WordPress is secure
  4. We know that the major concern of every business is security. Nowadays the number of data breaches is increasing every year. So if you want a peaceful mind your data has to be protected well. If you want to keep your data to be secured, keep the plugins updated and password to be secured. This platform helps to protect your website by adding various security measures like adding two-factor authentication.

  5. WordPress is SEO-friendly
  6. Merely building a WordPress website is not just enough. The aim should be to attract visitors and that is mainly done through Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

WordPress Development vs Web Development

  • Skills:
  • Web developers require proficient skills in programming to build websites while WordPress developers should know CMS & website-building tools etc.

  • Programming language:
  • Both WordPress and web development require front-end programming languages of HTML, CSS, and Javascript while the backend programming language for WordPress development is PHP, and for web development includes PHP, Ruby, Java, C#, Python, etc.

  • Approach:
  • In WordPress development, custom WordPress themes, plugins, and extensions are created by the developer. In web development, developers develop websites from scratch and also use various CMS platforms.