Top 5 website performance testing tools

Best website performance testing tools

Web development is said to be a success with its performance at its best. Most of the websites lose their users due to the heavy loading time taken in the website. Thus it is important to keep the website with the best speed and performance for getting more traffic.

These are the days with high internet speed where users expect the website to be loaded super fast.

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights
  2. It is best tool from Google to check the performance of websites. This is the best way to see if you have passed google’s web core vitals while testing the website. This tool is for any web development company to see the performance of Page speed insight in percentage from 1 to 100. The performance is shown in different categories like performance, best practices and SEO. You could see in mobile as well as desktop versions and can identify the factors affecting the website. It shows the problematic areas to be removed like any javascripts reducing the response or loading time, or if any images are to be optimized.

    Improving the page loading speed and performance is a crucial factor that has to be done to make a first impression with your website.

  3. GTMetrix
  4. It is an online application for testing the speed of a web page. It does not require any sort of registration. Just analyze the website by copying the url and see the results. By creating an account you can get more details. The results will be displaced like grades from A to F and you can analyze the website. Also, GTmetrix provides details like page load time, its total size, and the number of requests. There is a key feature where it gives you the idea of passing or falling off the google core vitals.

  5. WebPageTest
  6. A website to monitor everything on the website. From site performance to core web vitals to monitor everything on your website. You can check your website from any corner of the world. You'll be able to view things like a content breakdown, how many requests are being made on a specific page, and what needs to be improved once you have your complete performance report. But it will take a while to get the full report.

  7. SEO Site Checkup
  8. This site helps you to check the activities of seo in your website. This site helps you in getting a detailed report of your site. They grade your site from 0-100 and the rest of the guidelines. They give the report that they need to get upgraded. They will give you the idea of and instructions for meta title, meta description etc. It will also passes the seo standards.

  9. Uptrends
  10. A set of tools are available here for testing speed, uptime, user experience through different. It can be tested through different servers locations, devices and browsers. After taking the data from the pagespeed insights it point out the changes to be made for improving th website.