how to make a good first impression with your website

How to make a first impression with your website

First impressions are always the most important thing in every case. In the case of web development we also need the same thing. Every customer coming for a search to a web development company wants to find something interesting or they want to see what they were searching for. So to impress them we have to be careful about our sites first look, our portfolio, our customer reviews etc to get a client. If the client gets impressed with the website and gets the project, then it would be a huge advantage for them.

The very first thing a user notices and get impressed is the way website is designed. Apart from having a responsive design several other methods are there to increase the website impression for the first time. Web development companies get clients by creating a first impression on their website as it is essential to attract them.

Website speed:

Your page load speed is the first thing to be done to give the website a first impression. Sometimes graphics and other heavy designs may have to be avoided to improve the site speed. Your site speed can be checked and corrected using many tools. Google provide such tool like pagespeed insights which can make it easy for you. The web development company use this to manage th espeed issues for their clients.

Introductory videos catch your attention

When someone visits your site an introductory videos played can give a best impression for your website as it can share the information more faster. The video showing the purpose of the company and the services provided to the customers will make it engaging. A video could explain everything in a short time than shown through the content. So it will give an impression to the users.

Differentiate the website

Its important to differentiate your site with the competitors with giving a clear idea on what your website is and how it helps them. To get the audience attention adding image and contents after comparing the competitors could bring more quality which could make the users get impression.

Create curiosity among audience

Creating curiosity for the audience tends them to scroll down the entire website. For doing that you have to keep your website well and good with the portfolio, details and all the projects experience use have. The main intention is to gain the attention of the clients and get the project signed. Keep images and great contents for your website to hold your clients.

Seek the help of heatmap

Using a heatmap for your website will help you understand where the most highlighted part of your website is. And this will remind you of the place where your site is not perfect or having less attraction, which can make you update your site with more informative content. Using such tools can help you get the results very fast. The main advantage is that it can give you the best idea about the most attractive part of the website.

A clear message

Convey the clear message with efficient images and content. Concentrate on the positioning of each image and the contents. Try to grasp the correct position which allows the clients to get the eye contact and that attracts them to go through the rest of the website, without getting bored or by thinking of a lack of information. Try to design the website with full discipline to avoid the disorder of placing the images or contents.