The era of Cookie- Cutter web design is ending

We have seen many of the clumsy website which fails lots of functionalities and features. The text will hide pieces of image and the visual style will clash or the composition will become imbalanced. But the Sales force will appear to be on the cusp of an automated remedy. For a 20,000 copyright-free images joined from Unsplash, its UX design and research team found retention of object-detection software will isolate and categorise the subtle differences in media, vector graphics and formatted text. This research has wide application for the industry.

What is cookie cutter?

It is a tool that is used to cut cookies into a particular shape before you bake them. If you define something as cookie-cutter style, you mean that the same style is always used and not enough attention is paid to individual differences.There are great designs here and the designers or a web development company will relieve their designs publically. This is a kind of transparency and it’s not good to copy the template of others organisation. This design system is not like a code of ethics.

How can you communicate your design system to team?

System design is not only scientific and meticulous, but also mastery of interacting with people in an effective way. It makes human connection and empathy to go from a sticker living and thriving system.

The time which invests in relationships with designers and engineers (and their managements, their project managers) is as more important as building the system itself. In order to communicate with system in an effective way we should focus on

Empathize with your teams and their users

Have the meetings with teams to drive the home the benefits, system provides and arguably more importantly should know how much we truly care about them and their user’s needs.

  • Assure the stability
  • SEducate and don’t force them
  • Share the ownership
  • Be flexible

Why cookie cutter is at end of dying?

Some of the reasons for the dying of cookie cutter is it can be easily set up and webmasters to get a site running in a day’s manner.

  • Its website Templates is not unique
  • It will not work or function as the way you need it
  • SEO can’t be managed properly
  • Ownership lacking
  • You don’t get the expertise
  • Better you should avoid cookie cutter website for small business. If you are focused more on budget and not to use the cheap cookie cutter. It will steal your website uniqueness. Website development companies are dropping the cookies cutter because of its problems.