Ghost button in website design


Ghost buttons are a rectangular or simple square-shaped button consisting of a plain text inside. Generally, it bordered by a thin line that looks like a call to action button. These buttons usually come to center on pages and size is some more bigger than the old clickable buttons. There are both good and bad things about ghost buttons but website designers will always think about the creation of this button with the most attractive. 

  1. They will always concern about the size of ghost button
  2. What color and size can be given to this ghost button
  3. Where you should give this button in your page

The ghost button is well suited for a flat and normal website. We can discuss the good and bad things about the ghost button. 

Some of the advantages:

Easy to design

It is easy to design and need a simple text over it. It can make very simple, that is why the ghost button become popular. No need for visual decoration or elements needed for this.

Creating a focus point

This button can make users focus on your page image. There will be an attractive background with a contrast border, which helps to attract the user’s eye. The button will act as CTA.

Aesthetic improvement

Ghost buttons are excellent space savers with a full view of the background image. The simple design will not destroy the art of your page. It makes your page stand out.

Ghost button can be making as Call to Action

This ghost button can create a CTA button as secondary or territory buttons. There will always differentiate between the ghost and the traditional button. It will not get in contact with your primary CTA.

Location of Ghost Button

You don’t need to worry about the button where you should place it. It may be above or below the button that doesn’t matter. It is all about context. This button shows in the below home page main content.

Some Disadvantages:


The transparency of this button may be an issue when you are not aware of exactly what is sitting on top of the ghost button. It may be fine when you are checking on the desktop folder while it will not be the same on a phone browser, this will make readability issues.

Readable issue

If you have a splash image, there will be confusion in vision with the ghost button. When comparing with the traditional and ghost button, the traditional button designed with the combination of bright color and button designed with light color but the ghost button doesn’t possess any such features. They created by the darker border with an easily readable font.