What do you need to know about meta threads?

what is threads app

Meta introduced a new app connected to Instagram named threads for sharing text-based conversations in public platforms. Instagram is now on the forefront of social media evolutions with the new threads app. This gives the users a space for sharing text updates and having public conversations. Meta is giving us a space where we can add our own creative space, to spread positive vibes and a place to express ideas.


  • Threads gives a private space for you to share the content only with people your favorite people. You can create a close friend circle and share the content with them.
  • Your shared content is organized automatically into a shared album to easily find it later.
  • Character limit of the post in text is upto 500 and also links, photos and videos can be included.
  • Users are able to post , repost, reply to and quote others.
  • Verified instagram accounts are automatically varied in threads too.

Threads: instagrams micro blogging app

What is threads app used for? The parent company of facebook, instagram launched a sensational app called threads has now become a competitor to twitter. And threads have become the most rapidly downloaded application ever. Thread's user count is 5 million subscribers in the first 5 hours itself. People find it exciting and within minutes after launch the popular platforms like netflix, HBO, NPR etc have already become the subscribers and the celebrities have also had accounts. Currently threads are not available in the desktop version while you can use it in iOS and android apps.

According to thread Meta app, thread is a text-based application where you can have discussions on topics that you wanted to convey or about the trending topics, even the things you wanted to convey to your followers. You can follow and connect directly to the people you wish to. Create a loyal following of your own to spread your thoughts, opinions, and creativity throughout the world. The main intention is to discuss everything going on in your mind.

As per now threads don't have advertisements it can supplement meta’s core ads. Meta intends to integrate Threads with ActivityPub, the open social networking platform, very soon. The idea is to interact more with the people. But you will definitely feel the similarities between twitter and threads. As both are having similar features. Features like heart shaped like buttons, ability to repost and newsfeeds.

Thread works similar to instagram. We can control the replies mentioned from whom to get. Have the right to block the users you wanted to, can hide, unfollow, restrict. In threads you cannot send direct messages rather can share threads like we tweet in twitter. Users of Threads are unable to alter their feed because the main timeline is a collection of Threads from arbitrary Threaders and there is no way to alter it.

Threads Login

What is instagram threads? As threads app is connected to instagram, anyone with an instagram account can login to threads app with their instagram login credentials and become threads users. Only threads profile and bio can be seen through threads website. In threads instagram you need to download the app to login into the account.

As threads are interconnected with instagram the posts from threads can be directly shared to instagram, also it can import credentials like username, bio, and even the settings like block list. But you can choose whether you want to follow the same people you follow on instagram. Currently it is not clear about deactivating a thread account. It says that in order to deactivate a thread account you will also lose your instagram account. You can prevent your profile and material from being seen on Threads by canceling your account. Additionally, you have the choice to delete particular posts without deleting your Instagram account. Because Instagram powers Threads, you must deactivate your Instagram account in order to remove your Threads profile and data. The meta is investigating a method to erase thread profiles independently.

Threads vs Twitter

  • Character limit of text to be shared in threads is 500, meanwhile 280 characters are the limit for unverified users in twitter.
  • Followers and bio in your existing instagram account can be imported to threads.
  • Five minute videos can be posted in threads. But users not verified in twitter can only post 2 minutes and 20 seconds videos.
Threads vs Twitter