The world’s most influential websites ever

Today we people can’t live without family and friends, likewise not a single minute with the internet and their trending sites. This frequent usage of internet and technology for various process make the arise of so many websites like Google, Facebook, YouTube, eBay, and Amazon, etc. Moreover, in this era, the world wide communication between people and their passion for bursting out the ideas and knowledge globally made the online undertakers. We can go through some of the small beginnings of these tremendous sites into milestone victory.


No doubt, the biggest company in the world started the idea by two young students at Standford University named Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The search engine that won’t rank the pages by showing the keywords by the number of times but by a formula that shows the relation between the website itself and the others around net.on September 15, 1997, the domain was registered. The name Google originated from the word googol. Google made a lot of partners like American Airlines, Youtube, Tesla, Samsung, NASA, so on. The main motive of Google is that make the world’s information well in an organized way and to search for the text-based documents offered by various web servers.


Finding videos online was a difficult task before Youtube launched. By a group of people Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, each of whom had worked for PayPal, where their idea was burst out in a dinner party started their service in 2005. Youtube supports uploading video, rating, and sharing, add to the watch list, report and comment on videos, and also subscribing to other users. According to Alexa Internet, this website gets ranked as the second-most popular site. Youtube has a huge role in business development like brands and retailers owing to their own Youtube channel. The most popular Youtube channels 2019 are WWE, DUDE PERFECT, BADABUN, etc.


Facebook is the most popular free social networking website that allows users to communicate with their friends and others by making a profile, uploading photos and videos, and sending messages. Mark Zuckerberg introduced it along with Edward Saverin. It is user-friendly and there are features like pages, events, groups, market place. We can use Facebook for business, also by creating a Facebook business page. Facebook makes money through ads and posts, so they added Open Search Ad Placements for More Advertisers. Around 1.62 billion people active daily on Facebook, and the Like and Share Buttons are viewed 10 million websites daily. According to Facebook calculations, heavy traffic will be on mid-week, and around 300 million photos are uploading per day. Still, there are a significant increment in the fake profiles, and misuse in Facebook is a serious issue they are facing now.


An eCommerce website like eBay is yet another platform that operates as a popular online shopping marketplace and best known for its auction C2C sales. It takes a good option for an ecommerce platform. eBay popular in many countries. eBay statics shows the highest reach over worldwide and considered as the popular mobile shopping app in the US. eBay found the best platform that are willing to start for an ecommerce business.


Amazon headquartered, located in the US. It considered one of the Big Tech companies, like Google, Apple, and Facebook. With the ability to sell products practically, it considered the best global marketplace more than eBay. It was founded by Jeff Bezos initially started by the online books marketplace later enlarged by all goods and shopping things. The name Amazon founded because the Amazon River is the largest in the world, and the letter “A” would help the company to show up at the top of alphabetical lists.