How to make a website like eBay

Have you ever think about an e-commerce site for online buying and selling? Owing an auction website is your dream but don’t know where to start. Surely you can make this website simply by following some methods.

An eBay store is an e-commerce business solution to sell and buy products in the online marketplace. There are many numbers of buyers in the eBay store. To build an eBay store, there is no need for coding or a lot of time. Understanding things like in which platform you are going to make. Which hosting and domain provider are you choosing and the themes and styles of your site.

To create an auction website like eBay, you have a variety of things to purchase especially electronic items. They sell goods on fixed price, ad format, and online auction. The building, designing, and promoting are the important things you should do to popularize your eBay site. For an online market place like eBay, first you should select CMS.

  • 1.CMS

We always choose the best CMS for classified website creation. It is for you can develop a site without coding, so CMS opens up a wonderful platform for non-techies to do a website without taking a long time. WordPress is best for CMS because it is an open-source and plenty of free themes you can use. Functionalities can be added more to your website when developed in wordpress.

  • 2.Domain and Hosting

Choose a better domain name because this is your address for users to visit and search on your eBay site. Hosting also should be added where your website data is stored. Hosting makes your Auction website all the time online.

After creating the domain, you can start downloading wordpress and choose themes that suites for your eBay site. Auction themes should be a good suite of all devices like computers and mobile. Auction plugins and themes should be a lot of available in wordpress and use the needed thing only. It would be best if you had a payment integration must to this website to pay the amount online, which is one important thing for your site. Customization is done through your interest and style. Your eBay site should be well pleased to users who will get attracted by your website and browse things on it.

  • 3. Publish

After setting your entire site, you are ready to launch your eBay store. Concentrate on marketing and promote branding, so with the help of SEO rankings, you can earn benefits. Please make your website more user-friendly and reliable, which gets attention from the user.

How much does it cost to make a website like eBay?

It depends on multiple factors including features, design and quality. if you need more features the cost will change.More than that it decide by the web development company how your project can be done. The time calculation and days to complete are calculated. The other factors include Front end and back end development, HTML/CSS development etc. Cost will calculate on hourly basis mostly.