Steps to know how to Sell and Buy an Item on Craigslist Ohio

How to Sell and Buy an Item on Craigslist Ohio

Are you new to the craigslist website?

Do you want to sell your item in Ohio through the craigslist website? Or are you looking for something to buy here?

You may be moving to Ohio and need to find a house and other necessary items. Or want to sell some good quality second hand items. Whatever it may be, a car, furniture, gadgets, housing or any real estate,you can sell and buy items on craigslist.

Craigslist type websites are built to post Craigslist Ad Posting Service for buying and selling. These days people use this classifieds website often.

Some tips to follow while selling your items on craigslist:

  • Make sure if the item is clean before listing it on the website.
  • Take the best photos of the product from all angles and add enough details of the product to convince the customers.
  • Give contact information in the ad for the customers to contact the owner.
  • The fair price must be fixed for the product based on its value.
  • Be aware of email spams.

Steps to sell and buy an item on craigslist Ohio

  1. Enter into and choose your location
  2. Once you enter the website the first step to do is to choose the state or city on the right side to post your ad. You can choose the place as Ohio. Multiple locations cannot be selected for posting an ad. Craigslist does not allow this.

    craigslist ohio cars for sale by owner
  3. Click on the “create a posting”
  4. This button is placed on the left hand side of the website. Then choose the type of post to limit the ad into a specific category.

    craigslist ohio for sale

    Option is given by craigslist for “sale by owner” and “sale by dealer”. The same case applies for the buyer. Choose your option and click continue to move to the next step.

    how to sell on craigslist ohio
  5. Choose the category
  6. Choose the category suiting the item you want to sell and make sure to check the prohibited list of items by craigslist for selling which includes weapons, hazardous items etc.

  7. Add item description
  8. The item details can be filled in the form section and give your mail id in contact details which will not be shown online for your privacy.

  9. Confirm the location
  10. For the people in Ohio to this ad you have to double check the location given in the map.

  11. Upload images
  12. Upload some best images of the item limited to 24 images by clicking the “add images” button. Uploaded images can be arranged in any order by dragging.

  13. Publish
  14. Now you can publish the ad on the craigslist website.

Factors to check for selling

Research and pricing

Do not do a posting without researching it thoroughly. Market research is very important as if it gets neglected but analyzing the business will make you understand the current trends and needs around us. Demand of the product and the average price should be noted. The research and homework will provide you all the information you need for selling successfully.

Confirm that craigslist is the platform

Every product may not suit the website craigslist . As some the products are best to sell on other websites like ebay, amazon, etsy etc. the craigslist is best for selling furniture, jewelry o9r some other rare collections. So create good research and proceed with your product. Typically, Craigslist caters to the domestic US market. So accordingly choose the correct platform that is suitable for the product you have.

Pricing at the best

As we mentioned above, pricing and research is very important for selling a product. Reasonable pricing is important. It shouldn't be that high because its high customers have a habit of choosing some other platform for less price, but you shouldn't price very low because the customers might think that the low price is because of the low quality of the product. If you have competitors with similar prices then the next option to check is the condition of the item. Whether it is too old or as good as new.

Eye catching headlines

The keywords or definition you add to your products should be attractive and eye-catching for the buyer. It should stand out from others. Rather than just putting “for sale” as the phrase, find something different and add it.

Right details about the product

Just giving just two or three sentences won't help the buyers attract. Writing more about the products and their uses in not less than a paraphrase is needed. As people will have many doubts, questions about the product if they don't find it anywhere in the description they might go to your competitors. Also don't forget to mention phone numbers.


As both buyers and sellers are completely strangers to each other you have to plan the pick up place correctly and safely. If it's a small item you can use a public platform. But if it's furniture or household items you have to let your customers come to your place. But always beware that they are strangers and give the appointment during daytime, keep all the valuable items in a safe place beforehand. Also have a very good idea about the payment and payment method.


Just posting an ad doesn't end there; you have to regularly check the updates. Refresh the posted ad regularly. Websites like craigslist allow you to refresh the products in 2 days. If you have paid for posting before then pay little more to bring that to top position again. Therefore you have to log into the craigslist account for the updation and for keeping it in top position. Finally if the posted product is sold out, don't forget to remove the ad.