How to make classified website in php?

Classified websites used widely nowadays because anybody can publish their classified ads in a variety of categories, as we see in the newspaper. Obviously there lies a question, can classified website make in wordpress or php?. Yes! you can create a classified website with wordpress as like php. They will help your business to grow by posting ads, buying, and selling things on the website. By using PHP, we can create a classified website; they will help you to create a more advanced ads website.

PHP Classified Ads uses PHP script for building classified portal websites. The leading site has sections like featured ads, browse ads by category and location, latest ads. The script of PHP is SEO optimized, and they support SEO friendly Urls and meta descriptions.

Benefits of PHP for classified website

  1. It is easy to learn
  2. The application can run in various platforms
  3. Open-source
  4. It is stable and high library support
  5. It is unique and flexible
  6. It has HTML embedded codes

Classified website in PHP scripts helps you to make paid and non-paid ads like clothes, automobiles, rental, and sale, etc.

Know about the requirements

Need to know modules in this are the first step. We should accept the advertisements from your registered users and can make a list. By making categories, you can list out the products. Admin has the option to manage every field like the city, ad posting, listing, etc. Customer needs to edit their ads so, an admin needs to give access to them and to open to the public.

Design the website

Design your website by adding domain name and hosting. After that, giving beautiful designs and themes and then promote your website. The dropdown should add to the category field and status field. While having a perfect classified website design, developers can bring out the best designs with all the possible features. You can also add approved, pending, and rejected options for user’s ads. By adding appropriate filters and features for the smooth work, your website is ready to launch, and you can use some PHP script also. Some of the classified scripts of PHP is:

  1. Almond classifieds
  2. Yelas classifieds
  3. Silurus classifieds
  4. Noah’s classifieds
  5. Lara classified’s

These PHP scripts have some features like

  1. Five responsive PHP design and ten plus themes of bootstrap
  2. It is available in text mode too
  3. Heavy fighter and less weight
  4. Can load thousands of markers fast without error
  5. API is available
  6. It is easy to install and update

PHP Classifieds website are PHP script for building general classified web portals. It has a main website layout and mainly administration panel for easy and fast website maintenance and management. The leading site has a lot of sections like featured ads, browse ads, dropdown list by category and location, latest ads, etc.