The use of Google post for business

Google Posts is a feature that allows you and your businesses to create content directly on Google, which highly ranked in Google search results. Google has my business profile which a big profit-making for you. These posts where first available only for specified categories, but now it was changed, and Google makes it available for all business industries. Through this, you can share the link, image and text, etc. Which show in listing to Google browsers.

Your different types of post is for a variety of information like

  1. Events
  2. Announcement
  3. Products and sales
  4. Offers
  5. Cards and coupons

Google Posts are a very easy way to post and enhance the experience for people who are searching for your business. Not everyone is trying it some seems that Google posts have no use for their experiment. But, make it a try because it is free and timeless, which can create a better change in your business growth.

You can create a business-post by:

  1. Sign in to Google My business and manage location if you have more than two.
  2. Click on create a post
  3. When a post appears there find options to add photos, text events. Click on each field and put relevant option s on it.
  4. After creating a post click on the preview to see a preview if it looks fine, you can publish on the top right of the screen.

The thing you should know while creating a post

  1. Your post should delete by seven days
  2. First 80 characters should be shown in the knowledge panel
  3. A new post will show first and older will go back
  4. Your post will show even though your event completed

How Google post helps business

Google posts have a role in search engine optimization . Page rankings can be increased through this by CTA. Traffic increase by posting on Google. Users search through this post and they will try to hold on your website. Always keep your website development up to date with all contents and this will help your user’s back to back visit of your site. If you getting more leads through Google post means it will benefit your business.

You should make an attractive post which catches customer’s eyes. Then only you will get more clicks to your website. You need to certainly measure through Google Analytics for making this Google post benefited or not. You can link your latest blog, videos, events, product to this post by a small summary, so your website gets more attention.