WP Engine tied up now with AWS Marketplace making huge digital experience for customers

WP Engine started to provide best in business level digital trends and experience via AWS marketplace. Famous WordPress Technology Company and WP engine tie up with ASW marketplace for digital services. We all know that AWS marketplace is an online purchase store where customers can buy and find immediately and using the software and service which is running on AWS. web development companies are increasing day by day so new trends and technologies are highly used by them. This kind of move from big platforms make users and clients a great opportunity to explore their business digitally.

Benefits of AWS marketplace

There are some smart benefits in using their platform for many software companies for selling the product AWS customers. This platform is continuously improving and more features are there yet to come. You can choose AWS marketplace for their

  • Visibility
  • Billing and deployment
  • Flexibility in pricing
  • Free trials
  • Better delivery and tracking report
  • Yearly subscriptions
  • Credibility

Scale and perform well

The success key to business is delivering a performing, reliable and digital experience under load. WP Engine is committed being the stimulant for world class digital marketing experience combined with technology. WP engine decided to enable brands quickly building and launching secure digital services with AWS. This insight will increase consumer engagement.

WP Engine + AWS = Enterprise Growth

We know that WP Engine collaborated with AWS in 2015 and spread the platform to wordpress products like Amazon Polly integration, AWS Digital Customer Experience Competency status and now they joined in AWS marketplace.

  • WP act better out of the box
  • Fast technology and ease of digital services.
  • WordPress best experts are there in team
  • Best in maintenance and updates.
  • It save your time and managed backups.

The brand provides the solutions and creating website or apps on wordpress which bring out your business forward faster. They are specialized in managing wordpress hosting, amazing security features and offering fast servers.

How can you install wordpress in AWS

Amazon web service is the biggest cloud hosting service and installing wordpress on AWS is somewhat difficult and more work comparing other hosting. Cloud hosting is becoming best in standard for your business but only you know how to navigate AWS to benefit your business. To install wordpress

1) Launch & configure wordpress instance

You can set up an AWS EC2 instance. They are nothing but virtual server in Amazon web service. In your console main screen you can see Launch a virtual machine option to launch a instance. Then you can select what type of instance you need to launch. There is AWS Market option to make things simple on left hand menu.

2) Access the Instance and find your public IP

Go to AWS console home and search for Services tab select EC2 option. Instance will run at this point. The public IP will list and it is now ready to use now. After getting everything its time for Domain selecting nad pointing

3) Pointing the Domain to your AWS Instance

Point your Domain towards your AWS instance. You can choose wordpress theme and can install plugin. The name should be proper for the domain you use. Configure it and make everything ready to use.The WP engine powers your digital experience high with the AWS most popular cloud platform. You can manage and configure it by top performance. You are able to handle any kind of website traffic. It is really reliable and scalable with high secure.

WordPress optimized AWS architecture

WP engine offer wide range of services tie up with AWS which can achieve customer benefit from risk mitigation and best up-time protection. It offers the right cloud solution for your digital experience. Dedicated plan with customers gaining best cloud platform which suits customer website.They really added more value through AWS. By delivering greater digital experience to users through high speed and availability. This will meet the todays need for the wordpress development customer.