Publish Text, Image, and Gallery Snippets with the Shortnotes WordPress Plugin

wordpress short code plugin

Shortnote a plugin for writing notes from wordpress editor. The intention of plugin is to create short content which is found on Twitter, Instagram, and other social network. It is not coming with front end posting interface but it work as post and page. It should be straight forward for more users.

The Shortnotes plugin serves as a foundation for something that could be more. It what makes social networks appearing the easiness of publishing quick contents. Publishing short notes from the plugin requires visiting the WordPress admin and clicking “Add New,” after that writing the content, publishing, after that clicking a new link to viewing front end. This is a fast publishing interface by two ways, either through a Dashboard or by front-end form.

There are some new concepts that not all users are familiar like the Reply to URL” and “Reply to name” fields. These are semantic fields you can create a note in reply to another post or a person on the web. The plugin shows automatically the output for this reply link on front end.

After that the plugin integrates with the Webmention plugin. Do you know the purpose of Webmention plugin? It is a standard protocol for mentioning and making conversations across the web. The aim is a decentralized social “network” where everyone can own and control their content. It is another way to what IndieWeb calls the “corporate” web where large technical company controls.

If you are entering a URL, reply to URL, Shortnotes will automatically send that URL through the Webmentions plugin. It will also analyse URLs in the post content as webmentions if they exist.

This will not support Titles.

Title will be automatically generated from note content and used as note document title. This can be readable by search engines. The Notes post type includes Webmention and Semantic Linkback plugins. URL’s in the note contents will be processed in Webmentions. One Engineer and Happy Prime owner Jeremy experimented this short note plugin. The idea is the Note post type allows the paragraph, Gallery block and image. His idea was to replicate the feel of what you can do in social media while posting.

The idea was worked out by limiting the notes to subsets of blocks. A wordpress website can use this newly innovated plugin which is started as an experiment and with temporary measure. This is to be addressed in wordpress Jeremy added. However, he came across with some bugs in block editor. GitHub issue for this bug has seen movement for this block cancellation. If the plugin is working well and accepted by WordPress means Web Development Company can use this for greater short note creation.