What is the most popular WordPress theme?

most popular WordPress theme

There are thousands of themes available in WordPress for free and paid. Beginners in website development often find it difficult to choose a theme that is perfect for the specific WordPress website. Here is a guide showcasing the most popular WordPress themes that suit the website best.

WordPress can be challenging nowadays due to the vast number of themes available. One of the most prominent themes that consistently ranks on the top is called Astra.

  1. Astra

  2. The theme is lightweight and has a vast array of customization options followed by many WordPress users. The compatibility of the WordPress theme Astra is with major builders like Beaver Builder, Elementor, etc. Also, the main advantage of having the Aster is it mainly offers pre-built website templates and robots WooCommerce support.

    Astra is one of the modern WordPress themes that has been designed in such a way that can create any website. This usually works with drag-and-drop page builders. The main important and amazing features of Astra include Google fonts, Mega menu, Can choose any color customization options, layout choices, etc.

    Some of the other WordPress themes are

  3. Divi

  4. It is one of the most popular WordPress which Elegant themes have owned. This theme offers a variety of free themes and ready-made layouts are available for this theme which is for the industries and niches.

    Divi provides complete control over the layout design, Custom CSS on your site, and Inline text editing. Also easy to use and highly flexible. The main advantage of the Div theme is its highly SOE-Friendly and it will help you to rank your website.

  5. Ultra

  6. This is another best option to consider if you are in search of a WordPress theme. Ultra provides various designs that are flexible enough to build a website at a faster pace. The theme is responsive to all kinds of devices and the designs all over the website are customizable. There are 60+ pre-designed theme layouts provided where you can choose the suitable one. With the drag-and-drop builder in it, there is no coding required for any changes made in the design.

  7. SeedProd

  8. Seed pod is another best WordPress builder which have a high demand in the market. This theme allows you to create your own design with the help of a visual drag-and-drop is one of the best WordPress website builder. You can design your custom theme layout with a drag-and-drop builder without any code written.

  9. Neve

  10. This theme is built with its main focus on speed and mobile responsiveness. The theme is designed in a simple and minimal look suitable for beginners. The Mobile responsive feature ensures the site is responsive and looks good on all mobile devices. All kinds of standard design elements are available in the theme to make the website attractive.

How to choose the best theme?

Since there are several themes available, the best theme is selected by considering certain factors:

  • Mobile Responsiveness:More than half of the traffic coming to the website is through mobile devices. So while choosing a theme you have to check if the theme will look and function well on mobile devices.
  • Fast Loading Speeds and Lightweight: The theme with clean code and having faster loading speed added to the website helps in improving user experience and SEO ranking.
  • Customization Options:It is great to have drag-and-drop builders while building a WordPress website and in customizing any other areas of the website.
  • Maintenance and security:It is essential to have a responsive developer in choosing a theme in order to maintain the site with proper updates and to secure the website against vulnerabilities.
  • Pricing:Each theme has different features. Free themes are available as well as premium themes with more features and customizations. So decide the theme based on the budget.