What Cannot be done in WordPress?

Things Cannot be done in WordPress

There was a time when building a website needs at least basic knowledge in coding. And now it is possible to create websites with the help of various Content Management System (CMS) like wordpress. Wordpress is a popular language among the people for website development. It is a best open-source CMS beating the closest competitors like Drupal with its quality of being functional and user-friendly interface. These features influence many websites in using wordpress. But there are some things that cannot be done with wordpress or without having coding experience. Some situations occur when you might need to hire a developer without much experience in a budget-friendly manner. But there comes many things they cant do as a beginner.

What are the things wordpress can’t do:

  • Single pages and Complex services

  • There are some websites that mainly focus on having a single page. These websites doesn’t require extensive set of features available in wordpress. So, rather than using wordpress, it is better to build such websites in a simple website builder or using simple language like HTML.

    Sometimes wordpress may not be the best option for building websites with complex processes and extensive functionalities. Websites with complex tasks may lack advance features affecting the performance. Custom development or highly specialized platforms are better suited for these kind of websites. Discuss your requirements with the expert developers and choose the suitable approach for your website project.

  • WordPress Can’t improve Website to appear in Search results

  • Wordpress developers speak highly of the abilities of wordpress for better ranking in search results of various browsers. But this is not true as the website is not completely supported by wordpress from installation to discover it in the first page of search results even when the developers work hard for it. So an external support is needed to make the best SEO design. Apart from creating a clean wordpress website, the main part lies in completing the website to be discovered by the users from search results. Even with best content added, its difficult to get the website on first page. Wordpress has nothing to do in reaching the top of search engine, but the thing is to attract viewers with an attractive website.

  • Wordpress cannot power an e-commerce website

  • Wordpress is not a suitable platform in building e-commerce websites. There will be limits in using features in wordpress that are needed for an e-commerce store. Even though there several plugins available to improve the functionality, it has not made it proper for an ecommerce engine.

    Wordpress covers various areas like social media engagement and content creation, but it lacks important areas like customer support, shipping, inventory control, returns etc. People find some plugins and themes not trustable when it gets outdated to build website due to security considerations. Wordpress is vulnerable to various malware attacks as its popularity increases day by day and attracting the hackers towards these wordpress sites.

  • Wordpress cannot expand the business

  • Wordpress is popular in its ability to meet small business requirements like blogging. The wordpress functionality is commonly set for such websites. Sometimes when a small business website plans to expand their website, it would be impossible to do in wordpress. Its not sure if wordpress is right for a large business websites. Websites functionalities in wordpress will be limited depending on certain plugins. Only the plugins used in wordpress decide the functionalities to be applied. Also themes provided by wordpress is used in websites and it can be downloaded by others as well which reduce the uniqueness of website.

WordPress is a highly demanded website building platform. But not everything can be done at some point of time. And remember that the problem is not the developers and try their best to bring a great website out of it.