The Top 4 Plugins for Transforming WordPress into a Mobile App

A mobile app for your wordpress website is really cool and most helpful right! Why do you need a mobile app for the website? it makes more user attraction to your site and they can reach you through the app. How can you convert the website into a mobile app in wordpress? By using suitable plugins, you can turn your website into a mobile app. It drives you more traffic to the site and your online business becomes stronger through this. A web development company and WebApp development company have differences but most people are willing to make their product as WebApp so people can easily get the app as well website.

What are the steps you need to take for converting a website into an app?

  • You should choose the platform like IoS or android
  • Choose the themes
  • Create the app files you need
  • Choose the plugins
  • Create the app without code
  • Do your own customization

Why is a mobile app important for your wordpress website?

Because the world is running very fast through technologies and development and people don’t have enough time to spend more with your website. Mobile app can make their work easy because there are lot of good features like

  • Fast working
  • It is reliable
  • Best responsive
  • People can look it from anywhere
  • Will work even poor internet connection

Users are more making use of mobile devices than their desktop or laptop so mobile apps make your user more attached to your site and business. So as a wordpress development company you can think about a mobile app sure for your next level growth. For this we can use the most friendly plugins which makes your work easy for converting into a mobile app. Lets see some of them.

App Presser

One of the best tools to make a mobile for your website. you can give many custom touches with this app. You can use it very easily with wordpress short codes and the camera can be well made. A good look and feel can be given by this plugin to the app.


The integrated wordpress plugin will convert the site into a mobile app on all platforms. It will automatically update your site changes. You can test the plugin for taking to service before. Lot of good features are there in this plugin which effectively functions your app.


Another good plugin in wordpress. you can choose categories and pages which should be included in your app. updating can be done through the dashboard. Without code it will design your app. More than you can save your money and time by this.


Best plugin which helps to turn your website to app. There are a lot of mobile friendly features there for this plugin like You can publish notifications, share buttons, link indexing for google like that. Within the blappsta app development, custom applications can also be developed. Flexibility is high for this plugin to app development.