Back up your WordPress website manually, without relying on a plugin

It is very important to understand the basic wordpress task while running your site. Security one of the important consideration. So creating a backup of the website is always needed. Making a backup manually should also be in your wordpress toolbox. You can automatically do backup by using backup plugins.

If you don’t know how to manually back up your website, here you will get an idea about how it works. This will help at the time of not getting access your wordpress dashboard. However, it is better to learn this also. But there are some problems in manual Backup and we can’t promote it more. You should be regularly backup your website for some reasons like

How wordpress should help your beauty salon website?

  • If your website is compromised, you can restore it back with the backup
  • With the current backup and use for new design in your site or can implement new functionality, etc.
  • Any part defects like hardware or software failure may wipe out your backup

Why you shouldn’t prefer manual Backup

From out of the box of wordpress installation its core is really bare because of design. To change the look of the site, you can install a theme and to do more functions you can use plugins. Plugin can do many complex tasks. Backing up your site suits for automation for new reasons like

  • Just make sure that the same steps are repeated and carried out every time you make a backup.
  • Right files and folders are backed up successfully.
  • You make also able to make sure the backup is stored securely, too.

We all use plugins for many different WordPress tasks already. However, if your website is hacked, you can’t access to WordPress, Usual methods of working with files. Now here you manually backup your wordpress website by following steps.

Steps for Manual wordpress Backup

For starting your website in wordpress you should choose some important things like

  • Better domain name
  • Select hosting plan
  • Purchase plugins you need
  • Plan your website
  • Start working on your website

You can do this by two parts. First parts will do by themes and plugins and second part be the database.

First Backup your plugin, themes, files and media uploads

There are numbers of files you need to backup. But you don’t need to save them all. Core wordpress file can be re-downloaded. For backup you need

  • Administrator access to hosting server
  • A SFTP user like FileZilla, along with credentials of FTP
  • Skills necessary to transfer the file through SFTP.

If you have these, log in to your site through SFTP client. You can check out files www or public_html directory: If you have two sites, you can find some of your other sites in dedicated folders. Anyway, the file structure are same so scan all of the files here, you’ll only need to find the following:

  • The wp-config.php file from the website’s root directory.
  • The wp-content directory.

The first file contains settings of your site’s specific configuration, with the connection string WordPress application uses to connect the database. Your themes, plugins, and media files are live in wp- content folder. The job is so simple which can drag the file and folder to safe location.

Backup WordPress Database

This process is more complex than your site files and folder. This is because you need to coneect database server. For this you need,

  • Admin access to your hosting account.
  • Access phpMyAdmin or Adminer, that you can access your WordPress database by Graphical User Interface (GUI). This tool is available via your web host’s cPanel or similar.Once you get this check out the two different backup methods. You can go for any method like.

Using a graphical tool like-Adminer

Using a GUI for access, your WordPress database makes work in straight forward and there are a lot of tools available. Your host provide either phpMyAdmin or Adminer. The tools location will change depending on your host.

Using host Control panel function

You’re able to backup your databases from different hosting administration panels. Lots of host use cPanel. But there are custom dashboards also available. You need to check your host which is able to manually back up your database or not. It will give set of instructions for downloading the database.If you’re using cPanel, the backup Wizard within the Files section. Here click backup button which will lead to full or half backup.

For manually restoring wordpress website

  • To restore your wordpress website it is almost like reverse backing. Log in GUI using MySQL credentials
  • Find database name your site from directory
  • From wordpress database click on import
  • Browse file and click GO and Finish or import the start procress
  • Once it back up take wp content and wp config.php, upload to server

Site backup is a crucial process which includes wordpress security. The manual approach of backup helps at the time of the dashboard not getting accessed. Most of the wordpress website development company do with the help of plugin. Where a web development agency can easily and safely does their work instead of manual backup.