Prominent WordPress Web Development Trends to Embrace in 2020

WordPress is the most advanced content management system for wordpress web development technology. WordPress web development trends are giving many hopes to everyone and have evolved firmly in the digital world. With the new trends, the future of wordpress web development improves the web world. The trends help the users to create a brand identity. So, wordpress has evolved to adapt new tips and tricks, and all these trends improve the future world of online business. These articles share with you how the web development companies utilize the wordpress web development trends to make smarter.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology

Artificial intelligence is the upcoming trend that developed in today’s world. Artificial intelligence gives a new outlook in the field of web development. AR gives much importance to create video and photo-based websites. AI helps to create things in the digital world simpler and helped humans by analyzing user experience. The technology helps to boosts the website speed too. Many companies have already used artificial intelligence technology in many ways, like reduction in cost, website speed, which improves sales and productivity.

2. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Both AR and VR technology have shown a sudden increase in recent times. Many web development companies have already used AR and VR to attract a vast number of customers. Any website that carries photo and videos, these two option is best suited. Both these technology has a blend between the physical and digital world. AR considered the most engaged market than virtual reality.

3. Voice search optimization

It is yet another aspect that given by google to find out information by online voice search and considered as the crucial part of the seo process. Voice search optimization is yet another aspect of the upcoming world. The most common example of voice search assist is Alexa and Siri. Since it is the most advanced search instead of actual typing.


E-commerce is something an inevitable trend in web development. Many solutions can provide secure payment services, mobile shopping, and more. Woocommerce is an accurate solution for eCommerce. Using woocommerce, you can make a wordpress website into a fully functional eCommerce website.

The use of the multi-purpose theme

WordPress is a platform that allows building any website with several themes and styles. With the use of a multi-purpose theme, users can develop any sites with any styles. These themes are customizable, so according to customer requirements, modifications made.