Is an HTML website better than WordPress?

HTML website better than WordPress

If you are planning to build a website, but confused to build from HTML or Wordpress. The choice depends on certain factors like the cost, time and the needs. Here we will get to compare functionality of static HTML and Wordpress.

Static HTML websites

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the backbose of internet due to its way of structuring the contents while creating websites. Back in the day most of the websites were mostly developed using HTML along with CSS and Javascript for styling and adding functionalities. The contents in a static HTML websites are fixed and cannot be changed according to user. Only the programmer could edit the codes and make changes in the website. This makes the HTML websites more expensive, time-consuming and complex compared to wordpress and other modern ways. Static HTML best suits for simple websites like landing pages, small business websites or any informational websites with fixed contents and doesn’t have frequent updates are not required. Other options like wordpress is used when large websites are to be created with complex programming.


Website development is made easier with wordpress. Wordpress allows even anyone without coding experience to build websites. Any changes can be made in wordpress. Website design and functionality are customized by the users by adding various themes and plugins. Wordpress is a versatile platform adapting with creating various types and sizes of websites including blogging sites, ecommerce stores, portfolios, business websites etc. Template system in wordpress allows you to customize website even without technical skills in coding.

  • Website Speed

  • Users doesn’t wait too long for a website to load. Website speed in a major factor for having better user experience. Thus page speed is to be considered while creating a website.

    HTML Speed:

    Code in HTML websites are optimized as PHP execution or database queries don't need to load in these sites. Loading time of HTML sites are reduced by properly optimizing using various steps.

    Wordpress Speed:

    When compared to HTML, loading time and delays are high in wordpress sites. It need more server resources for executing PHP code in server and providing right information to the visitor for their queries made.

  • Ease of Use

  • HTML:

    Adding and editing contents, increasing functionality is harder in HTML sites than wordpress as there is no dashboard with built-in-features, and other plugins to do these tasks. Here You have write HTML and CSS code manually in the website for anything to be added or modified.


    Contents and other features can be added, and edited easily using buit-in-dashboard and plugins in wordpress even without coding skills. Developing can be made faster using opensource toolkits with various pre-designed functional elements which are not needed to build from scratch.

  • SEO

  • HTML:

    HTML site can be optimized for search engines in many ways like adding keywords in page content, links provided internally as well as to external pages, optimizing, URLs, title and heading meta tags, image alt text etc. But these practices and other technical SEO have to be done yourself as it doesn’t have any plugins or buttons on dashboard.


    You can easily add meta, and heading tags, custom URLs, image alt texts in your dashboard. There is no needed to edit any code. There are various responsive themes available for building mobile-friendly site. Wordpress plugins like Yoast SEO, WP Rocket etc. are available to set on-page and technical SEO for the website.

A developer is required to develop a website from scratch which will take more time and effort. However it gives a custom look and personalized experience to the users. WordPress is an opensource CMS that is flexible enough for multiple users to build a website. Wordpress can also be used by anyone who doesn’t have experience in coding. Wordpress sites can be customized easily while HTML websites need developers for modification. Meanwhile HTML websites can be maintained easily unlike wordpress which require additional plugins for proper functioning.