How to Create a Video Streaming Website Similar to Netflix Using WordPress?

How did netflix become popular today? It will be the most exciting question, and you know it is one of the most successful business models. They started as an online DVD renting company that began in 1997 in California. A video streaming website like netflix offers films, TV programs. Now, a subscription video streaming model netflix is ruling like empires in the market. At present, they have 182 million paid subscribers. By offering videos online, getting many users through a small amount of payment is the thing. Now, netflix is releasing online films and other content for more user attraction and brand recognition. The idea is extra brilliant and demanding the whole world a video streaming online system through their subscription. Superb right?

How netflix became a blockbuster model in video streaming?

Netflix thought of the idea for a paid subscription to grow in the future and to focus on video streaming by achieving more users. The blockbuster failed to buy videos from Hollywood, and slowly it collapsed its business outgrowth. Netflix moved fast to smart technology finding users liked video and nature about contents for watching. After that, they made suggestions and recommendations regarding the user’s interest, making them engaged in watching more videos on Netflix. You can see big web designing and development company works on these projects like video streaming because it uses advanced technology and features.

What are the salient features of netflix?

  • Users can stream an unlimited number of videos and other programs
  • It fully works on the internet so no delay will be there
  • We can choose our interested catalog for watching video
  • Offering a free trial for 30 days in multiple devices
  • You get original content of the video
  • User friendly
  • Easy to access
  • Users can stream the program on four devices at a time
  • Downloading and various profiles can be added for keeping the favorite program in one place

How to make a website like netflix on wordpress?

Yes, It is possible to build a website like netflix but not precisely the copy cat of it. Your website will be a video streaming site with a lot of features in it. To build the website, you take primary steps like domain name, web hosting, choosing platform, creative designs and themes, and launching the site. The most important thing to be considered while developing a website is its platform. Without any hesitation, you can go for wordpress. WordPress makes your website neat and attractive most of the people want it.

What are the things you take care of developing the website like netflix?

  • Prepare a plan for what you need to attain from the website
  • Choose the correct tech stack for streaming video services in netflix
  • Keep up the whole features you need in the website
  • Develop the site which has a mobile app
  • Users can use it on any devices like desktop, tv, and phone
  • Better performance
  • More concentrate on the content you upload

For a website like netflix, we take more care in video hosting and services. The site should well perform in the streaming and video content to get more users. You have two options, basically for video hosting. Self-hosting and embed the video. Self-hosting is when you create video and upload it on your wordpress website. It takes the same criteria as to how you upload images on the site. To embed video, you share the link of the video from other sources like Youtube, and by clicking the link, the video will run from the third-party hosted server.

Some video tips for your website

  • Your videos should be lengthy. Web hosting has some limits like not exceeding this much MB of files
  • Always deliver HD quality video
  • You can allow low-resolution videos for those who were watching on mobile which has a limited internet connection
  • WordPress offer lot of video themes and plugins you can use well
  • The website should support MP4, .webm for the conversion of video
  • Video plugins and theme in wordpress

You can choose the right netflix theme in wordpress for making your website more responsive and featured. There are a lot of features included in the theme like creating favourites and watching later options, like the video, making them in the watch list, clarity and better support, etc. some of them are

  • Vayvo
  • SKRN
  • Vodi

The plugins help to make your website more video-friendly and compatible. Performing better than any website, you can go for some of the plugins like WP video, which allows you to edit, customize, and make shortcodes for video. For a wordpress enterprise , it will be easier to create a website like netflix for you. Your right choice for choosing the wordpress company gives you the better result with your website.