How Your Website Can Be Targeted by SEO Spam Injection Attacks?

The main thing we should be aware of when a website was injected with SEO spam, the website owner will not be aware of the issue up to the warnings from the search engine or backlists that arrives. This is done by attackers will try to prevent detection by injecting links that are not visible in traffic. The attackers use the technique like they push injected SEO spams links of the visible portion of website. So humans won’t see the spam link. They can see by crawling bots that read HTML of the website. These spam links will attribute to the website.

How do these spam injections work?

This will found the injected to core wordpress file wp-includes/general-template.php. This will work by Fscokopen to open a connection to the $host variable. This contains the URL to spam infrastructure. The attackers GET request, the URL gives the actual spam link and store the $response variable and closing the connection.

Once the injected SEO spam link saved the $response variable, it can include them with div style position absolute and left: -110055px to “push” the spam link out of sight from the web page. This malware will use other php functions to sort out the SEO spam link saved to the $response. The wp-includes/general-template.php will load in every WordPress page, so it is easy for the attackers to make sure that a constant flow of SEO spam links are active for injection throughout the infected file.

Some of the common ways of SEO spam technique is

  • Inserting links to the pages of website
  • New page creation with spam content and link
  • Redirection of pages from your website to their other website
  • Hosting the spam content so on

How this seo spam hurt the wordpress website?

  • Your website will backlist by the search engine
  • Your website forcefully ranking low
  • Spam appears when users start to search for your business
  • If your site is compromised by SEO spam them it might have other issues

Many popular web development agencies find this a major issue in their development area.

Some signs that indicates that the presence of SEO spam in the website

Some penalties will charge the website which shows slike notification from search console like

  • User-generated spam penalty
  • Unnatural links to your website penalty
  • Unnatural links from your website penalty
  • Hacked website penalty
  • Spammy structured markup penalty
  • The hidden text or keyword stuffing penalty

How to avoid these SEO spam from website

  • You can use server side anti-virus software
  • Yu can scan with third party tool your website
  • Use wordpress plugin to scan file
  • Check the site map
  • Change your passwords
  • Check the recent modified files
  • Remove the spam page
  • Check the .htaccess file
  • Reinstall the themes and plugins

A lot of SEO spam issue can avoid by checking these above-mentioned things. The spam link can affect a total website and the ranking in Google. This will seriously affect your business too. A web development company that are well developed and winning in their business definitely have some enemies who wanted to cut down your business. So there will be a lot of pressure from them to handle your website safe. A wordpress development company that are using well the wordpress plugins and following the website healthy, can avoid this kind of attack to the maximum.