Does anyone still use WordPress?

still using WordPress

With an increase in other advanced website builders, many people are still determining if WordPress is still relevant. Let’s put an end to this misconception and get to know how relevant is WordPress today or does anyone still uses WordPress. WordPress is an open-source platform, where users can build and customize websites. It has been a household name for everything related to web development and website management. It is a popular and widely used website builder among developers. Around 40% of websites are built on WordPress. Apart from being a blogging platform, WordPress has emerged as a versatile Content Management System(CMS) that can be used for all aspects of website development, from simple blogs to complex e-commerce websites for all types of companies from small to big ones.

Reasons to use WordPress

Here are the reasons for WordPress being the most popular builder for website development.

  1. Highly customizable and scalable
  2. WordPress is highly customizable with lots of themes, templates, and plugins available making it easy to create any kind of custom website like blogs, e-commerce, etc. according to their needs. Most people use WordPress even without having any knowledge of website design.

    WordPress is a scalable platform that adapts to all the changing needs. You can scale up your small business website into a large enterprise with WordPress. New features and functionalities can be added with the available WordPress plugins.

  3. Large supportive community
  4. WordPress is used worldwide and thus people can communicate with other WordPress users through WordPress forums. There are several tutorials and guides available online for beginners as well as experienced to get updated to new WordPress features. Also, the WordPress support team helps you in resolving any kind of issues with WordPress. Better support services are provided according to WordPress plans taken.

  5. Easy to use
  6. Non-technical people can even use WordPress. It is an easy process for beginners to create websites. New designs and features can be added to the website with downloaded themes and plugins. New updates can be made easily by clicking the button to download the latest version to improve the performance and functionalities of the website.

  7. Safe and secure
  8. Wordpress is a secure platform for running a website. Security is enhanced with features with supported plugins to create passwords and backups. Another form of security can be added with adding two-factor authentication. A WordPress website should always stay updated and new versions are released regularly.

  9. SEO-friendly
  10. WordPress platform is good for SEO as it improves website rankings and in gaining organic traffic. Many SEO-optimized themes and plugins are available in WordPress which could create permalinks, titles, and descriptions for every page and also provide alt for images. Contents are optimized as well enhances the visibility of the website for the search engines and users to find the page through keywords.

  11. Flexibility
  12. WordPress manages websites from small blogs to large E-commerce websites and the traffic volumes and visitors. Simple blog posts can be published through the basic version of WordPress. On the other hand, plugins can be used for business websites to add functionality.

  13. Cost-effective
  14. As WordPress is a free and open-source platform, you can easily download and install without paying. WordPress is free to use for a personal website and paid plans are chosen for extra features and functions to be added from based on business. Anyone could start with a basic website for free and new features can be purchased as the requirements increase.

Even though many advanced technologies are being introduced in the market, these reasons make people still use WordPress for creating and maintaining websites. Its easiness of use in an affordable way and flexible, scalable, and customizing and other features attract everyone.