Atlas: The Future Direction of WordPress Headless

The worlds most trusted Wordpress technology introduce atlas the new wordpress product line. It is the complete headless platform which can enable the faster site with flexible and secure headless solution. It is more delightful to both developers and publishers. Atlas can bring together customer choice with modern development frame work with front end Node.js hosting and wordpress headless all in one package. They are providing one trusted partner and price, best support organisation with experts in trouble shooting that includes everything.

Why Atlas Is called future of Headless Wordpress?

Stunning transformative performance

WP Engine is the fastest managing wordpress platform in the global network which drives great speed. The addition of Atlas and Node.js to stack can increase the speed to next level and can execute pages up to 10 times faster than old wordpress. Wordpress developer can build the personalised website with omni-channel and back end integrated with amazing speed more than dynamic site.

Flexible with modern architecture

Atlas delivers support for anything a modern developer need in his work. It has features like multiple server sides, auto deployment Github branch, static and dynamic headless architecture, you can choose java script framework like React, Angular, Vue.Js

Feature richly, CMS

While making wordpress in to headless, Atlas is helping content publishers from losing the features not available with headless CMS. The SEO optimization, layout and the pages, post preview can control by publishers. Marketers and developers can easily build and design while front end and back end work together.

One price and one solution

WordPress is going with one package with Atlas and Node. Js. It is not haggling with different vendors on pricing and building requirements also troubleshooting. It is working with one trustful partner WP engine which is globally award winning customer service.

Why this Headless matters a lot?

Headless wordpress means no front end of wordpress. Those who are using entirely endless solution will host a separate java application script for front end. This can pull specific data through APIs. They give freedom top developers for using right tech and doing right Job easy integration in other software also with the additional layer of security. The ability to future proofing CMS for marketers can enjoy the new level of flexibility and control of their content. They can publish more widely to new channels and new devices. These all things were speed up the site hosting. Moreover WP engine’s Atlas is only the headless solution which has Static CDN layer, Headless CMS layer in one package.Atlas the fastest node platform globally

The best features and benefits of Node engine include,

  • Auto scaling and Auto Healing Node.js Platform
  • First API-platform
  • It has CDN static.
  • Different environment support
  • Environment variables
  • Building and Error logs
  • Custom Domain mapping

Some of the Headless wordpress Cms include

  • Post Preview – Publishers can edit content without submitting the ticket to IT
  • Internal hyperlink preservation – it preservers existing URL structure which can protect SEO rankings
  • It blocks malicious XML site map.
  • Wordpress Lockdown – it can automatically suppress content from active WP theme to avoid users site visitors confusion.

All together a wordpress development company can try and enjoy these wordpress headless features where they are quite advanced in their new features. The developer in the company can identify the changes and enjoy the new headless wordpress Atlas benefits. Moreover we all can trust the WP engine which is a trusted brand which includes Atlas,Genesis, Flywheel, local, etc. For all small and big wordpress companies they are giving the wordpress products. Web development company who servicing wordpress website to clients have well use these kinds of new updations and features from WP Engine.